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Top 5 Reliable YouTube Vocal Remover in 2022

Lyan | 2022-03-24 17:16:48

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Vocal remover applications are in demand. Be it a professional who wants to remaster the audio or KJ who needs a karaoke version of the song — a vocal remover is a tool you need. And while there are thousands of vocal isolation software on the internet, only a few include features to be deemed as YouTube vocal removers. Scroll down to find the best vocal remover with YouTube support on the internet. Yes, just because software incorporates features to remove vocals from YouTube videos, it does not mean that it is exceptional. That is why we dove deep and listed the best vocal remover from YouTube after separating the good ones from the bad ones.

Part 1: What Is the Best YouTube Vocal Remover? - Veeware

Veeware Audio Editor is a comprehensive toolset that allows you to create, mix, and design audio clips and tune them like a professional. Stressing on its vocal removing capabilities, Veeware

Audio Editor utilizes the world’s #1 technology to eliminate vocals and other instrumental noises from an audio clip. Plus, the streamlined user interface makes it super simple to employ the software. You will find a dedicated button for removing vocals from the YouTube videos.

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All in all, Veeware Audio Editor is not just another YouTube vocal remover. Rather, it is a full-fledged digital audio workstation. Installing Veeware is the best thing you can do for your audio editing journey.

Key Features:

  • Veeware’s intuitive user interface and waveform display allow even the neophytes to utilize the application effortlessly.
  • Boasts a wide range of functionalities including fade in/fade out, and lots more that makes the audio editing process seamless.
  • State-of-the-art technology to efficiently remove vocals from the audio.
  • Lossless technology cut, merge, trim, mix, and do many more on audio efficiently.

How To Use Veeware Audio Editor to Remove Vocal from YouTube?

Veeware Audio Editor has a simplistic interface, meaning it is really easy to employ the software. Be it to remove vocals from a YouTube video or operate on the audio clips, the streamlined GUI makes every function obvious and allows even the tech-neophytes to use the software like a professional.

Step 1. Download and Install Veeware Audio Editor on your computer.

Launch the software. Then click Upload to add the YouTube file. You'll also have different options to add the audio; yes, you can also paste or drag and drop audio files alternatively.

add file to veeware

Step 2. Use the dedicated button, i.e., Remove Vocals at the bottom section for removing vocals from the YouTube video. Wait for the software to process the clip.

choose a part to remove

Step 3. Click the Export button > edit audio output settings according to requirements, then click Ok to save the isolated clip to the computer.

export files

Yes, that is all there’s to it. Following these simple steps, you can remove vocals from YouTube videos efficiently.

Part 2: Top 5 Reliable YouTube Vocal Remover You Can Try In 2022

Without a doubt, Veeware Audio Editor is the best vocal remover via YouTube link. Still, some users might be looking for something different. That is why we have outlined these alternatives to Veeware. Of course, they do not support all the features of the Veeware audio editor. But they are also worth considering.

1. Mazmazika Vocal Remover

A free and fast vocal remover, Mazmazika Vocal Remover can remove vocals from any audio clips effortlessly. Utilizing the Mazmazika vocal remover, you can separate any song into up to five different stems, i.e., vocals, bass, drums, piano, and other sounds. You can add songs to the software via different means. In the case of YouTube, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video and use the dedicated button to remove vocals efficiently without damaging the quality. Not to mention, the spartan user interface allows even the least tech-literates to utilize the software like a professional audio editor.

export files

Key Features:

  • Process & download the separated stems of the song by typing a YouTube link
  • You can also add songs from other locations like local hard drive or SoundCloud
  • Other functions like Virtual Piano, Online Karaoke, and more


  • A simple to use service that lets users employ the software to their benefit
  • Efficient and fast tool
  • No damage to the sound quality
  • An entirely free application


  • Lot of ads on the website
  • Limited functionality compared to Veeware Audio Editor

2. Musicara

Another free tool, Musicara, is a four-stem splitter that can help you remove vocals and unwanted noises effortlessly. The website has a simple user interface that makes it easy for an average joe to utilize the service and remove vocals from YouTube videos with a single click. Besides helping you remove the vocals, Musicara also includes a mixing tool to adjust the volume, bass, vocals, and drums of the audio clip. You can also upload files from your computer and do the same if needed. In all, Musicara is one of the best online services to remove vocals and make karaoke-approved music files.

export files

Key Features:

  • 4-stem separator to eliminate vocals, drums, bass, and volume of the audio clip
  • You can paste URLs of the YouTube videos as well as upload songs from the computer directly


  • A free online service, you do not have to pay even a dime to remove vocals from songs
  • The spartan interface of the website allows even the least educated individuals


  • Not as sophisticated as Veeware Audio Editor, as the service is limited to removing vocals only
  • The quality of the song is not high-quality

3. Vocal Remover Pro

Vocal Remover Pro is another considerable audio isolation software. The software is a paid one but allows you to remove vocals up to 30 seconds from audio clips for entirely free. There is also an online variant of Vocal Remover Pro that can help you remove vocals online. The online version allows users to paste the YouTube URLs directly. One of the best things about Vocal Remover Pro is its ultra-fast speed that can process songs in less than 10 seconds. So in case you are in the town for a fast vocal remover, Vocal Remover Pro is the service for you!

export files

Key Features:

  • Upload any mp3, m4a, ogg, aac, ac3 music track from your computer or paste a YouTube video link
  • Ultra-fast tool to remove vocal from YouTube videos


  • A simple user interface that lists every option clearly for the users
  • It has both a downloadable software as well as online service


  • The software variants extracts vocals with high-quality compared to the offline tool

4. Audio Alter

Audio Alter is a collection of easy-to-use web tools for all your audio files. Be it adding effects or options to manage every bit of the audio files, Audio Alter has a tool for everything related to audio editing. Needless to say, it also includes a vocal remover in its directory. Of course, the service has advanced algorithms that can eliminate unwanted vocals and noises without affecting the audio quality. Other tools included Audio Alter like BPM Detector, Converter, Key Detector, Spectrogram Image, and Waveform Image toolset. Yes, it is the genie for audio editors.

export files

Key Features:

  • Auto Panner to make the audio alternate from left to right
  • Bass Booster to boost the bass of a song making it more bass heavy
  • Equalizer to adjust the frequencies of your audio
  • Noise Reducer to reduce background noise from recordings


  • A comprehensive audio editing toolset
  • High-quality extraction


  • Not a free service

5. Phonicmind

Phonicmind can separate vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments out of your songs with the HiFi AI technology. A tool that advertises itself on its technology, Phonicmind truly extracts the vocals and other instrumental noises from the audio clips while keeping the quality of the audio intact. One of the best things about PhonicMind is that it's available on Google Play Store and App Store. Of course, it also has an online variant.


Key Features:

  • State of the Art Artificial Intelligence that understands music
  • Vocal Remover and Instrumental Karaoke maker that produces HiFi quality audio


  • The isolation is of high-quality
  • PhonicMind is available on PlayStore and App Store


  • Limited to audio extraction only


These are the best YouTube Vocal Remover tools on the internet. You can utilize any of these to remove vocals from YouTube videos without damaging the quality of the songs. Of course, our recommendation is Veeware Audio Editor. And for a reason: it is the ultimate digital audio workstation that comes laden with all fundamental and advanced features to help you manage every bit of the audio file. And as mentioned, the state-of-the-art technology ensures that you can remove vocals from YouTube videos without ruining the quality. But again, if you need alternatives to Veeware Audio Editor, the second part of the guide will help you discover one.

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