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Top 7 X Minus Pro Vocal Remover Alternative You Must Try In 2022

Lyan | 2022-03-24 17:15:34

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Editing audios and removing the unwanted vocals or background noises is not a difficult task. It’s just a matter of a few clicks and knowing the correct tools that you can use to make the necessary changes in your file. Perhaps you just don't like the XMinus pro vocal remover tool for some reason, and you're looking for a perfect alternative, then you've come to the right page. In this article, you'll discover a list of the top alternatives to the X Minus Pro vocal removes tool that can help you remove vocals from audios handily. Plus, not only do these tools let you separate the vocals from audio, they also let you add special effects in terms of pitch, mixing, tone, bass etc. to your final audio file and make it attractive. Read below to figure out the best vocal remover tools that you can make use of in 2022 to create amazing audios for your use.

Part 1: Top 7 X Minus Pro Vocal Remover Alternative You Must Try In 2022

1. Veeware audio editor (Editor’s Choice)

With years of being in the market and with the trust of many users, Veeware Audio Editor is one of the best platforms that helps in Audio Editing. By removing the vocals from audio tracks, they can be put to use as ringtones, or can be mixed with any other track to create something that you want. Pitch, volume, bass, speed – all can be adjusted using this platform. The interface is user friendly and as such can be used by even a layman.

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Veeware audio editor


  • Doesn’t impact the quality while making the alterations in the video
  • Various sound effects of fading in, fading out, bass, pitch alteration etc. can be incorporated in the audio track.
  • Unwanted noise can also be removed from the track making it better quality and easily decipherable.
  • Easily cut, trim, mix, merge, copy and paste audio
  • User friendly and easy-to-use platform and features.


  • Easy to use and edit audios
  • Various features help in extracting a better quality audio
  • Supported equally on Windows and Apple devices.


  • Slows down if the size of the file is pretty large

2. Wondershare Uniconverter Vocal Remover

This is one of the easiest programs that can be used for video and audio alterations. The interface is user friendly. The extracted video can also be edited further to make it apt for your use. All in all this a good and simple tool to be used for vocals removal from your audios.

Wondershare Uniconverter Vocal Remover


  • This software doesn’t only offer the option of removing vocals from the audio or video files; it also lets you merge, compress, trim, cut, or change the speed of the audio or video.
  • It is extremely easy to use and the steps are user-friendly.
  • It's compatible with both Mac and Windows system.


  • Advanced audio editing tools are offered for compressing, merging and trimming the audio
  • Able to extract vocals and instrumental tracks from all standard audio and video formats automatically
  • Supports almost all types of video formats like MP4, MOV, M4A and so on.


  • Offers a small file size limit of only 100 MB

3. Audioalter

Offering a complete online audio toolkit makes Audioalter the stand out tool in the list of audio and vocals separating tools. It offers an array of features to its users to maximize their satisfaction during the vocals removal process.



  • 3D and 8D effects available to maximize the effects.
  • Equalizer to adjust the audio frequencies.
  • Ensures high-quality output tracks to fit in your video or other audio.


  • Compatible with Android
  • Add-ons like pitch shifter, trimmer, reverse audio are provided.


  • Official app has to be downloaded as an APK file
  • Prone to viruses

4. Vocal

Vocal Remover is one of the pioneers in the field of vocal removing tools that work on an AI algorithm to separate the voice from its music. It’s a free tool that is easy to use and can be used as per the need of the video.



  • Offers two versions for track selection – karaoke version and an acapella version
  • Supports other tools like audio merging, audio cutting, voice changer, karaoke recorder and so on.
  • Uses an Artificial Intelligence algorithm for making changes in the audio.


  • Processing speed is usually 1 minute despite the complexity of the file.
  • Access to various other tools like audio converter, microphone test etc.


  • File loading usually takes time for this tool users, depending upon the file size.

5. Vocal Extractor Karoke Maker

Developed by Hikaru Tsuyumine, this is an absolutely free of cost app that helps in removing vocals or cancelling vocals on an iPhone device. Saved audios or vocals can be directly uploaded to the iCloud and can be extracted as and when needed.

Vocal Extractor Karoke Maker


  • Uses OOPS, Deep Learning and AI algorithms to get the vocals removed with accuracy.
  • Used for iPhone users.
  • Vocals can be extracted to iCloud, Dropbox and Google drive.


  • Crafted with UI optimization for uninterrupted operation.
  • Localization options in Spanish and French are available.
  • Eases faster extraction.


  • Saving to cloud storage comes with a certain cost i.e. in the purchased version.

5. PhonicMind

Based upon AI based online stems, Phonicmind is an amazing tool for separating the vocals and instrumental sounds from the main audios. You can separate drums sounds, bass, flute etc. from your audio using this tool.



  • Game changer in the field of vocal removers
  • Helps in creating amazing remixes and add favorite music or vocals to a song of your choice
  • Artificial Intelligence helps in understanding the usic first and foremost.


  • Getting free samples within a minute is possible
  • Can be used as beatles song maker, instrumental maker and so on.


  • Complaints of mixing not happening properly have been received
  • High-pitched sounds are mistaken and removed as vocals

6. Splitter

This is an innovative tool that has been helping the entire music industry including DJs, singers, producers and everybody. Based upon AI tools, this helps not only helps in removing the vocals, it also helps in easy mixing of tracks and music to be put to better use.



  • Handy tool for music enthusiasts – both teachers and learners.
  • Can also be used as a Karaoke maker
  • Easy to be used to remove vocals and other unwanted sounds from the audio track.
  • File history option gives you access to use your already edited files at any time.


  • Offers amazing speed to its users
  • Removes vocals, mixes audios without the loss of quality
  • Available for iOS and Android users


  • Majority of features are available only to paid users.

Part 2: How To Remove Vocal From Songs With High quality?

To remove the vocals from your audio file without compromising on the quality of the file, use the Veeware Audio Editor tool. The results are amazingly satisfying and the extracted files can be put to use as per your convenience. Follow the steps below to execute the operation in a few clicks.

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Step 1. Download and Install Veeware Audio Editor tool on your system > Launch the software app and hit the Upload button to add the file of the audio clip you want to remove vocals from.

add file to veeware

Step 2. Choose the section of the audio to remove the vocal using Slider options > click on ‘Voice Removal’ at the bottom section of the Veeware tool interface.

choose a part to remove

From the pop-up, set the Strength, Vocal Low Cut, and Vocal High Cut of the audio > click OK, and wait for a few seconds for the settings you made to be processed.

Step 3. Navigate to the top right corner and hit the ‘Export’ button. From the pop-up window, adjust the output of the audio file as per requirements and choose a location to save the file. Thereafter, click on Ok to complete the operation.

export files

Following these simple steps, you can extract the vocals from any audio file and use it for your benefit. You can also apply added features like mixing and editing the pitch, volume etc. to your extracted file to make it even more apt for you.


You must have realized that separating the vocals from their original audio source is such an easy task. Just knowing these tools gets the task done for you. For mixing, creating karaoke files, editing the pitch or tone of your audio, you may use any of these tools and get your task done. Most of these tools are efficient, but if you're looking for a software that is packed with lots of functionalities that make the process of removing vocal from audio files easy, then Veeware is a perfect option for you. So, don't hesitate to reach out for the Veeware audio editor and start fixing your audio clips as per your requirement without taking the help of any professional.

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