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Best and Easy to use Vocal Isolation Software You Need to Pick in 2022!

Lyan | 2022-03-24 17:24:49

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If you wish to separate vocals and instruments from a song but don’t know how then let us tell you that perfect vocal isolation software will help you from such a situation. How can vocal isolation software help you? Well! Such software will help you divide a music track or recording into vocal and instrumental parts. As a result, you will enjoy an instrumental karaoke version. If you want to find effective vocal isolation software to isolate vocals from songs, check out our today’s guide, including the best vocal isolation software list.

Part 1: Top 5 vocal extraction software picks in 2022!

We have some top-picked and well-researched vocal isolation software worthy till now. Let’s start.

1. Veeware Audio Editor

Veeware Audio Editor is multi-tasking software that shows incredible performance as free vocal isolation software. The best solution you will ever find is because this best vocal isolation will provide the most satisfying result of isolating the vocals. You will complete each basic and advanced task with this software, from editing music to isolating vocals. Veeware offers more powerful and multiple functions than other effective software to fulfill audio editing requirements. It has premium editing functions.

download Download

Platform: Windows and Mac

Price: Free and hold a premium version


  • You can remove vocals and get the instrumental part of the file without affecting the original sound or instrumental quality of the original file.
  • Change the tempo to increase or decrease the speed of a file without any lossless conversion at a fast pace.
  • Merge video with HD conversion faster.
  • Reduce noise from the file’s background, save your storage, and share files as much as you want.
  • Mix audio seamlessly while changing the rate.
  • Shift audio pitch to lower or increase it as per requirement.
  • Fade-in or fade-out audio to add darkness effect at the beginning or end of the video.
  • Cutting audio makes it easy to record videos, etc., and unmute while recording to get a good sound quality.
  • The premium function offers more than 35 audio formats, namely the MP2, MP3, M4A, WAV WMA, etc.


  • You will rarely find any isolator to come with many functions.
  • Supportive with multiple audio file formats.


  • Amazingly, there is no con of Veeware.

veeware audio editor

Step guide:

Below is a step-by-step guide on isolating vocals from an audio track using Veeware Audio Editor and vocal isolation software.

Step 1: Download/create an account

Visit the official website of Veeware, and download it to complete the Login process after installation.

login veeware audio editor

Step 2: Add audio files to isolate vocal

Choose the file you will isolate and add to the main surface of Veeware to edit by clicking the ‘Add Files’ option.

add files veeware audio editor

Step 3: Isolate vocal

Now, select any specific part or the entire track, click on the ‘Remove Vocals’ option, and it will confirm the isolation process on Veeware.

isolate vocal veeware

Step 4: Export audio track

Let the process begin and isolate vocals from the track. After completing the isolation process, you can save the file by tapping on ‘Export.’

export audio veeware

2. Audacity

Audacity is vocal isolation for free software that provides an excellent isolation process. With this voice isolation software, you will get isolation files quickly, giving the desired result. Its features will help you to meet your basic editing requirements. With the voice isolation process, you can use Audacity to copy, cut, mix music tracks, remove vocals and background noises, and do many more editing tasks.

Platform: Windows, Linux, macOS, and GNU.

Price: Free


  • Real-time preview of LV2, LADSPA, VST, and Audio Unit effects.
  • Extensive shortcuts for keyboard.
  • Spectrogram view mode to visualize and select frequencies.
  • Reduce or isolate vocals and background noises.


  • Easy editing and stereo recording with a simple interface
  • Fast loading and upload service


  • No available version for Mac


Step guide:

Follow the below steps to get your isolated audio file with Audacity.

Step 1: Download Audacity

Go to the official page of Audacity and download it for free.

Step 2: Select the portion of the track

First, add an audio track and select part of the audio to isolate vocal or choose the entire track.

select part of the audio

Step 3: Isolate the track

Now, go to the ‘Effect’ option and choose the ‘Voice Reduction and Isolation’ option. Adjust level to isolate vocal. Once done, download the file.

adjust the track to isolate

3. Lalal

This vocal isolation software offers three main components: The first one is the Original Mix. This one consists of the sounds set during the vocal recording process. You can selectively get the sounds you want to keep and replace parts. You will get an overall effect similar to keeping all three separate audio files, each representing a distinct sound within the recording or music. Vocalists can easily enhance their vocal range and performance by using Lalal, including the necessary tools.

Platform: Windows and Mac


  • Free pack: $0
  • Lite pack: $10
  • Plus pack: $20


  • High-quality stem splitting.
  • Provide AI-powered technology.
  • Vocal remover and music source separation quickly and easily.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Users can quickly move from one level to another without having previous experience.


  • Limitation of file size, number of duration, and formats in free version


Step guide:

Check the steps below to isolate vocals from a song using Lalal.

Step 1: Select track

Open LALAL.AI in the browser. Now click on the ‘Select File’ to choose an audio file. In the opened folder window, double click a song to upload it.

select file

Step 2: Finish processing and preview

Wait to finish the processing. Click the play icon within the Preview section. You can even manage the intensity of audio processing. The result will show you a ready preview.


Step 3: Process the track and download

Check the final previews and choose the one you want to keep from the available options. After that, click on the ‘Process the Entire Track’ option, enter your email ID, or click the download icon.


4. Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover is vocal isolator software for free that isolates vocals from an audio track or a recording in your browser. This Vocal Remover will provide you with other options to edit audio files such as voice recorder, audio joiner, cutter, etc. As it is an online-based tool, it won’t give you any hassle by asking for downloading any additional software. You will do several tasks for free and isolation and get your expected result.

Price: Free


  • Audio Cutter, Joiner, and Converter.
  • Vocal Remover, Pitch Changer, and Tempo Changer.
  • Key and BPM Finder.
  • Voice Recorder and Karaoke Recorder.


  • Take around 1 minute to complete the isolation or conversion process.
  • Available free tools include microphone test, BPM finder, and so on.


  • The loading is slow for large-size files.

vocal remover

Step guide:

Know how to isolate vocals using Vocal Remover.

Step 1: Add files from the computer

Go to the official website of Vocal Remover and add a file by clicking on the ‘Browse my files’ and upload a song.

add audio

Step 2: Uploading track

Wait for the track to upload in the Vocal Remover interface.

uploading file

Step 3: Extract and download

Wait for the isolation processing. You will see two tracks:

  • One is the acapella version and
  • A karaoke version.

Choose acapella and download the file easily.

extract file

5. Phonicmind

Phonicmind is great vocal isolator software with valuable features offerings to help you isolate vocals from songs online. It will quickly serve you the isolated file and download it in formats like .stem and .mp4.

Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android app.

Price: Basic version: $6.99 per month; Pro version: $9.99 per month


  • Separates vocals and instrumental tones to isolation and provide you acepella
  • Supports several formats like .aac, MP3, .wma, .wav, .flac, .aiff files.
  • Files can be downloaded in formats including .zip, mp3, .flac, .stem, .mp4.


  • It takes less time to complete the isolation and other conversion processes.
  • Available for using offline.


  • Require purchasing plan for operating.


Step guide:

Know how you can isolate vocals from songs with Phonicmind.

Step 1: Select the file

You may take a free trial on Phonicmind or purchase the version first. Then, upload the file by clicking the option ‘Upload.’

upload file

Step 2: Wait for audio breaking

The audio isolation process will break audio into stems. After completing the process, you will get 30secs clips of each stem.

break into stems

Step 3: Download the final audio track

At this point, you can buy the stems if you get a satisfactory result from any of them and download the acapella or isolated part in various file formats mentioned separately.

download file in desire format

Part 2: Some FAQs

1. What editing software can isolate vocals?

There is a lot of vocal isolation software available if you browse for it. However, we have already shown and given you detail regarding some top and the best software for isolation vocals, including Veeware Audio Editor, Audacity, Lalal, and more in our guide.

2. Can Melodyne isolate vocals?

Yes, Melodyne can isolate vocals. Melodyne Editor’s technology, namely DNA, will allow you to analyze polyphonic sound data and let you generate a visual representation of your chosen audio file. Melodyne uses this technology to isolate instrumentation from mixed audio tracks, remove vocals from a soundtrack, and help to analyze the arrangement across a staff.

3. What is the best vocal isolator?

No doubt, Veeware will be a winner here. Without having any disadvantage, Veeware Audio Editor works great as free vocal isolation software. This software has unique features to get a satisfactory result. This best vocal isolation software is praiseworthy enough.


That is all about today’s discussion regarding the best vocal isolation software. As you saw, we included a step-by-step process with descriptive debate. You know the disadvantages and advantages of all the top software mentioned above to choose effectively. The best recommendation will be to try out Veeware Audio editing and vocal isolation for free software. You will get the most straightforward steps to reach your exact result. We believe it won’t let your expectation down. Instead, you will turn into its permanent user.

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