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An Ultimate Guide on how to remove vocals from a song [Updated 2022]

Lyan | 2022-03-24 17:31:45

Remove Vocal

“How do I completely remove vocals from a song?”

Are you looking for your song’s instrumental version, or do you wish to add tracks to your karaoke library? Surfing the internet may seem like the perfect solution, but it's not always reliable. Accompaniment tracks are not always free, and they may not sound the same as the real version if they are available freely. Similarly, finding its karaoke version can be a struggle if a song isn't mainstream. Your only option is isolating the vocal track from the song in such scenarios. In previous times, removing vocals from an audio track was necessarily a manual procedure, and it impacted the quality of the final product.

Thanks to modern software's availability, you can easily remove vocals from any song, even if you are a new audio editing experience. On the other hand, multiple vocal removal techniques are available, including phase and voice cancellation, machine learning, and equalizer configuration.

Let's deep dive into the detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to easily take vocals out of a song with the help of different premium software.

Part 1: Why remove vocals from a song?

When we remove vocals, it simply means modifying the audio file to create an instrumental or karaoke version of the song. And, we're available with different methods and software to know how to remove vocals from any song.

Without any further ado, let's understand this software in detail!

Part 2: How to select the best software to remove vocals?

You must know beforehand that software used to remove vocals should be ideal audio editing software containing all the capabilities to modify a given piece of audio.
Keeping in mind such potential, we'd like to list several factors you must look for in top-notch software designed to remove vocals from a song.

  • Easy and efficient UI

Some software programs make it easy for the less experienced audio editor. A breezy interface and simple workflow ensure redundant features don't get in the way of the basics. Some editors take this a step further and manage various audio levels for you. Others provide one-click taps to remove pops and hisses from your recording.

  • Compatibility

Audio editing isn't just about recording and moving around sound files. Compatibility helps enhance and repair your audio too. This includes a well-settled synchronization with the operating systems, audio formats, end-system configuration, etc.

  • Rich Editing Functions

How rich is your audio editor in terms of functions offered? It's interactive and compatible, but does it contain the ideal editing functions needed? For example, it must remove vocals, merge audio, cut audio, reduce noise, mix noise, unmute, change tempo, etc. Thus, these are prerequisites in the best audio editing program and other compatibilities.

And lastly, you should look for the richness in the editing panel. You should locate all the editing elements quickly on the mainboard. Passing all these requirements, we'd now like to introduce you to the Veeware Audio Editor, an all-in-one audio editing software with the latest features and compatibilities than any other outdated software available.

Veeware Audio Editor is especially for your entire beginner and advanced audio editing needs, and it best suits today's creators. It means short-form media content creators, personal media creators, and dubber or broadcasters are the ones resonating well with the program.

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This software consists of premium editing functions and the compelling user interface we all are looking forward to.

Editing Functions in Veeware Audio Editor

  • Remove Vocals: The software allows you to make video and video dubbing pretty simply and effectively, removing the vocals.
  • Cut Audio: You can seamlessly record tutorials, videos, courses, dubbing, etc.
  • Merge Audio: It allows merging two or more audio files into one by combining them into a single file.
  • Mix Audio: The audio mixing feature will enable you to optimize the combining of multi-tracks that will result in a perfect version of the song/audio.
  • Reduce Noise: With the help of the Noise Reduction filter you can choose the audio that required noise filtration and then easily reduce noise under the ‘Get Noise Profile’.
  • Change Rate: Change rate process is quick and easy in terms of the speed and tone of the sound.
  • Unmute: With a single click, you can mute or unmute the audio while doing any of the audio editing tasks of the song.
  • Change Tempo: Without altering the sound pitch you can change the tempo of the audio file. That is music can be played slower or faster by changing the number of beats, length second, or percentage.
  • Pitch Shift: While changing the timbre of voice, the pitch shift process will not affect the tempo. Pitch can be adjusted in terms of the chromatic scale, treble, and frequency.
  • Fade In/Out: Fade in and fade out menu will give you a quick option to gradually increase or decrease the volume level of the audio file from/to silence.

These are the premium editing functions of Veeware Audio Editor, which supports different audio formats, namely the MP3, MP2, FLAC, OGG, M4A, AMR, WAV WMA, AC3, and 29 others.

Part 3: A step by step guide on how to remove vocals from any song

Below is a step-by-step guide on removing vocals from a track via Veeware Audio Editor.

Step 1: Download, Install, and log in

First, download Veeware software from its official website and ‘Log In’ with the created credentials.

login veeware audio editor

Step 2: Add Audio Files to Edit

Import the audio files you want to edit by clicking the Add Files button.

add files veeware audio editor

Step 3: Remove Vocals

Select a part of audio or the whole audio, then tab Remove Vocals from the menu to confirm the process. You can adjust the vocal volume freely in the pop-up window. Click “OK” to remove vocals.

voice removal

Step 4: Export your file

Once done with the vocal removal process, from the top right side, click on the ‘Export’ button. A pop-up window will appear, enter the required details select the output folder and click ‘OK’. The file will get saved in the desired location.

export audio

Thus, you successfully removed vocals from a track via the Veeware tool.

Part 4: Some FAQs

1. Is it illegal to remove vocals from a song?

Yes, it is illegal to use copyrighted audio and music unless you use them for personal use. Even if we remove vocals from any song, it is still copyright property.

2. How do I isolate and remove vocals from a song?

It would help if you used software to isolate and remove vocals from a song. For this purpose, we'd like to highly suggest you Veeware Audio Editor as it contains various advanced editing functions.

3. How do I manually remove vocals from a song?

It’s not an entirely manual process to remove vocals from a song. Thus, you are required to use specific software for which you can go for a dedicated audio editing program such as Veeware Audio Editor.

4. Is there an app to remove vocals from songs?

Yes, different apps and software can remove vocals from any song.

5. What is the best vocal remover?

Veeware Audio Editor is the best and latest vocal remover you’d love to use.


Finally, do you now agree that removing vocals is just a piece of cake with those mentioned above? However, the best software to remove vocals from a song is Veeware Audio Editor due to its effortless usage. Yes, without a doubt, it is. So, ensure that you try these the next time you delete vocals from a song.

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