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12 Best vocal remover software for Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

Lyan | 2022-03-24 17:22:21

Remove Vocal

We can guess your requirement and necessary to find vocal remover software. You may need to get an instrument version as Karaoke or acapella of audio. Or you may want to enjoy good singing practice with the instrumental version of a song. But how to get the instrument only? Well! This is where professional vocal remover software shows magic. You may have requirements for your specific operating system, for example, for your Android phone, or you may wish to enjoy vocal remover software for PC. That's why we have gathered the top 12 vocal remover software for any required system such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, along with the best-suggested software.

Part 1: 3 Best vocal remover software for Windows

There is some professional vocal remover software collected for Windows. If you are finding software for Windows, check this section and find your one.

1. Veeware Audio Editor

Veeware Audio Editor is considered the best vocal remover for Windows users. This editor is an excellent extractor, isolator, and vocals remover from any audio and soundtrack. It is an effortless way to extract vocals from a song and fulfill your basic and advanced needs. This will work as isolation, vocal removal, converting files, editing audio, and many basic tasks. Provided with user-friendly as well premium interface.

download Download

Price: Free and $6.99 per month

Platform: Windows and Mac


  • Remove vocals, get instrument version, and create acapella, Karaoke, and distinct vocals with instruments effectively.
  • Merge video and cut video from recorded videos, dubbing, etc., without harming quality and getting HD conversion.
  • Mix audio to create a complete volume package of relatable audio files.
  • Shift pitch to make file's pitch lower or increase as per requirement.
  • Change the tempo to control the performance of music.
  • Reduce noise, change rates, and offers unlimited sharing of files.
  • Use unmute tools while recording courses, tutorials, dubbing, etc.
  • Fade In/Out to gradually either increase or decrease the volume level of sound.
  • Multiple audio file formats in premium function more than 35 formats.


  • Provide multiple and practical sets of the wealthiest tools compared to others.
  • It supports various popular audio file formats.


  • Honestly, rare availability.

veeware audio editor

Step guide:

Check out the step-by-step guide on removing vocals from usingVeeware Audio Editor and vocal isolation software.

Step 1: Download the Application

Go to the website of Veeware and click on download the toolkit. Complete the Login process to create a Veeware account after installation.

Step 2: Add audio to remove vocal

Select the audio track you will remove vocal from and add to the main surface of Veeware. Using Add Files you can insert the audio.

add audio trackveeware

Step 3: Remove vocal

Go for any portion or else can select full audio. After selecting, tap on the ‘Remove Vocals’ option.

remove vocal veeware

Step 4: Export and Save

Once complete, check the track without vocal and save the file by clicking on the ‘Export’ option.

export window

2. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition provides robust features, tools, and effects for mixing, creating, editing, and polishing audio tracks. It is professional vocal remover software that offers great features to use. That's why it requires payment for continuing. All the paid features are much more powerful. With the provided rich functions, the result will be much perfect. You can add the edited audio file to a movie, music video, etc.

Platform: Mac, iOS, Windows and Android

Price: Get all the apps: US$52.99 per month; Single App: US$ 20.99 per month


  • Remix to repair, fit, and restore.
  • Edit, remix, record, and integrate audio clips.
  • Add oomph to the audio and edit a podcast.
  • Noise reduction tools with high-quality sounds processes.


  • High processing speed with a good network.
  • Offer noise-reducing plugins.


  • It doesn't provide offline options and provides an expensive plan.

adobe audition

Step guide:

Check out the ways of removing vocal through Adobe Audition

Step 1: Download and add file

From the official website of Adobe Audition, download the software and then install it. Add an audio file from that you wish to remove vocals.

select song and add

Step 2: Select Central Channel Extractor’

Go to the ‘Effect’ and choose ‘Stereo Imagery’ > ‘Central Channel Extractor.’

choose central channel extractor

Step 3: Remove the vocals and save the file

Then from the preset options, ‘Vocal Remove’ and adjust level and frequency if you wish to. Then click on ‘Apply’ and save the file.

remove vocal adobe

3. Audacity

Audacity extracts and removes vocals from any soundtrack with the help of its offered audio editing functions. This free vocal remover has many features to edit, record, create and mix soundtracks and audios. This open-source-based system can provide you the efficient option to isolate and remove vocals from instruments and give you the perfect result. It also can help you to reduce background noises.

Platform: macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux, and others.

Price: Free


  • Cut, copy, trim, paste, delete and undo options.
  • Records live audio, edit, and combine audio tracks.
  • Reduce background noises, isolate vocals, and more.


  • Provide great sound quality
  • User-friendly interface for beginners


  • It cannot record at most two tracks


Step guide:

Follow the below steps to erase vocals from an audio file with Audacity.

Step 1: Download to install Audacity

Go to the official page of Audacity and download the software for free. Install the software, then.

Step 2: Select to remove vocals

From File Menu, go for ‘Insert’ then tap on ‘Audio’. Then choose your file and upload it.

select part of the audio

Step 3: Remove the vocal

Now, go to the ‘Effect’ option and select the ‘Voice Reduction and Isolation’ option. Adjust level to remove vocal. Once you complete the removing process, download the file.

adjust the track to isolate

Part 2: 3 Best vocal remover software for Mac

For Mac users, the below three professional vocal remover software is useful.

1. Wavosaur

Wavosaur free vocal remover offers many editing features to edit, mix, and create audio files or recordings. This free software can remove and extract vocals from a single track and more things. It also offers editing features to cut, copy, trim, mute, paste, replace, insert, fade in, fade out, and so on. It is a valuable option to create new music based on an unquestionable requirement.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Price: Free


  • Cut, insert, trim, copy, undo, paste, fast zoom in/out, and more essential tools.
  • Edit batch files and generate audio from a line or mice professionally.
  • Bit-depth convert, pitch shift, silence remover, and vocal remover.


  • Provide a lot of basic sound editing options.
  • Effect plugins to beef the program up a bit.


  • It doesn’t provide advanced tools for free.


Step guide:

Know the steps now to remove vocals from the songs using Wavosaur.

Step 1: Download Wavosaur

Download Wavosaur from its official website and install the software on your computer.

download wavosaur

Step 2: Select the file

Upload a file to the Wavosaur software, select a portion from where you wish to remove vocals.

select file wavosaur

Step 3: Remove vocals and save

Go to 'Process,' select 'Vocal Remover' and let the process complete. After completion, go to 'File' at the bottom of the windows and save it.

choose vocal remover

2. Wavepad

Wavepad vocal remover offers a lot of audio effects for fulfilling the requirements of all kinds of polishing and editing sound files. Wavepad is a free vocal remover that can remove vocals easily from recording and audio. It also allows you the options that can control noise reduction. With the advanced tools, you can do spectral analysis also. Wavepad has an offered paid master version to serve commercial use requirements. The vocal remover supports more than 50 audio file formats. 

Platform: Windows and Mac


  • Master's Edition: Regular price: $99; Discount price: $49.99
  • Standard Edition: Regular price: $60; Discount price: $29.99
  • Master's Edition Quarterly Plan: $3.88/monthly


  • Noise reduction features with the effects like echo, reverb, and more.
  • It supports audio file formats like real audio, GSM, M4A, VOX, WMA, WAV, and more.
  • Basic tools to cut, trim, compress, and more.


  • Editing and adding effect to the audio mix quickly.
  • Offer multiple file formats to download.


  • You cannot choose a different track to work with.


Step guide:

Check the steps while removing vocals from a track using Wavepad.

Step 1: Install Wavepad and select file

Download Wavepad first in your Mac system and install the file. Browse audio on Wavepad.

add audio wavepad

Step 2: Loading the track

Loading audio track on Wavepad will take time

loading file

Step 3: Reduce vocal and save file

Go to the ‘Effect’ and select ‘Special Effects>Reduce Vocal’. After getting a satisfactory result, you can save the file.

reduce vocal

3. Bonus: Veeware Audio Editor

Yes, surprisingly, Veeware is compatible with Windows and Mac. As we have already discussed it and its offered features, it will undoubtedly work great in any operating system you have. Mac and Windows users will beat others and be a winner by providing the best result with its rich features. Don't forget to try this best vocal remover to remove vocals.

Part 3: 3 Best vocal remover software for iPhone

These three vocal removers will be a suitable choice for your iPhone device.

1. Vocal Extractor

Vocal removal will be a much easier task with Vocal Extractor. You can easily remove vocal using your iPhone now with this tool. Vocal Extractor is an AI-based vocal remover to produce instrumental and generate Acappella tracks without requiring any manual operation.

Price: Free


  • Separate songs into vocal instantaneously
  • Produce vocal files and export to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.
  • Vocal Extractor uses AI, Out of Phase Stereo technology, Deep Learning technologies.


  • The storage option for saving the file is satisfactory


  • Limited audio editing features

vocal extractor

Step guide:

Step 1: Download

Download Vocal Extractor from the App Store and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Separate vocals

After selecting audio, you can separate vocals using this tool.

Step 3:  Save files

You can save files in m4a or wav formats.

remove vocal using vocal extractor

2. VocalZap

VocalZap is a free vocal remover real-time app that will let you use its vocal removing features to reduce or remove the vocals instantly from any audio tracks, music, or recordings. VocalZapmaintains great quality audio.

Price: Free


  • Toggle to turn on and off vocals.
  • Use an advanced DSP algorithm.
  • Option for karaoke party providing lyrics.


  • Offer to create both karaoke-style songs from your iTunes library.


  • It doesn’t provide perfection on removing vocal.


Step guide:

Step 1: Download

Download VocalZip from the App Store and install it.

Step 2: select song

Select a song from your music library

Step 3: Vocal remove and save

After uploading the song, it will let you opt to remove vocals. After then, you can save the file.

removing vocal with vocalzip

3. Vocal Remover for Karaoke

Vocal Remover for Karaoke app offers the most straightforward steps to remove vocal for a track. This free vocal remover app will provide an effective result for transforming any music in the music library. It will turn songs into Karaoke.

Price: Free


  • Provide real-time vocal remover effect
  • Available effect for adjustable vocal remover strength.
  • Directly show the album cover from your library.


  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad.


  • The result will vary according to the type of music.

vocal remover for karaoke

Step guide:

Step 1: Download Vocal Remover for Karaoke

Download the above Karaoke app from the App Store and install it.

Step 2: Select audio file

Select music from your library and let it be processed

Step 3: Remove vocal

Tap on the 'Remove vocal' option, and once done, download from Vocal Remover for Karaoke app.

remove vocal with vocal remover for karaoke

Part 4: 3 Best vocal remover software for Android

Check the list of the best vocal remover for Android and choose your one to remove vocal.

1. Vocal Remover - AI Karaoke Maker

This fantastic free vocal remover can generate instant Karaoke songs easily and quickly. It uses AI for eliminating voice from songs and provides a perfect way to make songs for Karaoke. It allows users to convert any MP3 format audio track into Karaoke using its SplitAudio app. Eliminate vocals and other musical instruments quickly with this app.

Price: Free


  • No requirement for registration.
  • Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to separate songs.
  • Process Unlimited tracks.


  • Completely free to remove vocal for karaoke making.


  • Show a lot of ads.

vocal remover - ai karaoke maker

Step guide:

Step 1: Download

Download Vocal Remover - AI Karaoke Maker from Google Play Store and install it on your Android device.

Step 2: Add file

Add song now and let the Vocal Remover - AI Karaoke Maker processes the song.

Step 3: Download file

The app will remove vocal, and your file will be ready.

remove vocal with vocal remover - ai karaoke maker

2. SplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, Backtracks

SplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, Backtracks include art voice removal method to generate Karaoke from any song. Just upload any mp3 file and. It allows you to capture yourself singing along with its created instrument version of the audio track and share it with your friends.

Price: Free


  • Save the separate stems to create DJ remixes and mashups
  • Boost the volume and amplify instrument sound
  • Split any song into vocals and instruments
  • Eliminate instruments for vocals remix and more features.


  • Instruments remover and booster.


  • Results may not be accurate sometimes.

splithit: vocal remover, karaoke maker, backtracks

Step guide:

Step 1: DownloadSplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, Backtracks

Download SplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, Backtracks from Google Play Store, and install it on your device.

Step 2: Add song

Select and insert a song from your storage.

Step 3: Remove vocals from the track

Remove vocals or instruments from the track to make a quality backing track as you wish to useSplitHit and save after finishing.

remove vocal with splithit

3. MP3 Vocal Remover app for Karaoke

This free vocal remover Android app provides more manageable steps to convert an mp3 audio file and instantly turn the songs into karaoke music. This app will permit you to extract instrumentals of any songs available in your storage and save them as an mp3 file. You will find this app worthy for both mono and stereo file. This is an AI beat Extractor for removing vocals.

Price: Free


  • Use an audio engine to remove vocals.
  • Good as Acapella Isolation.
  • Available for both phones and tablets.


  • Provide a preview option to play the instrumental version before saving.


  • Limited tools and features compared to others.

mp3 vocal remover app for karaoke

Step guide:

Step 1: Download

Download the MP3 Vocal Remover app for Karaoke from Google Play Store and install it.

Step 2: Select song

Select a song from your Android device.

Step 3: Remove vocals

Choose the option ‘REMOVE VOCALS’ and let the process finish. Check the instrumental version by playing and saving the version.

remove vocal with mp3 vocal remover app for karaoke


This is all about our discussion regarding vocal remover software compatible with systems like Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. If you need the best vocal remover software for your Windows or Mac, our best recommendation will be Veeware Audio Editor and Vocal Remover, among the reliable software mentioned above. No doubt that these tools will give you a great result, but with Veeware, enjoy the best experience of audio editing along with vocal removal. Veeware Audio Editor and free Vocal Remover will offer you multiple powerful functions to ensure users' satisfaction. Give this vocal remover a try, and it will amaze you, no doubt.

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