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Top 7 List of AI Vocal Removers [Both Free & Paid versions]

Lyan | 2022-03-24 17:23:19

Remove Vocal

So are you wishing to remove the vocals from a track and enjoy the instrumental music or practice singing? Whatever your reason behind moving vocal, you will always seek to ensure a better result. The best choice of doing such a task can be through vocal remover AI. If you are not well-known for the term AI vocal remover, let us clear to you that a vocal remover will help to get an exact instrumental track to enjoy through the use of its AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. It means you will get the audio or music track without vocals. Why not choose and try the reliability among all and get the best result while wishing to remove vocal. The perfection of task with the actual song quality of the audio is all user wants after removing vocal from a track. We will discuss more all-vocal removers today. We have a great set of reliable vocal removers AI today, along with the best AI vocal remover in this guideline.

Part 1: Top 7 vocal remover AI [both free & paid]

Let’s check the AI vocal remove software below without taking more time.

1. Splitter.AI

Splitter.AI is an excellent AI vocal remover to remove the vocal portion of your selected audio track. You can use this vocal remover online through its website and web browser extension. However, this extension will require money. The speed is quick too. As a vocal remover online, Splitter is becoming a premium app to satisfy the requirements and needs of users.


  • Provide a good way of dividing up music.
  • Two systems: 2 Stem and 5 Stem models.
  • 2 Stem models divide just instrumentals and vocals, and 5 Stem models divide vocals, piano, drums, bassline, and others.


  • An excellent choice for removing vocals and instruments.
  • Solid capabilities.


  • The UI design should be developed and organized.

2. Phonicmind

Phonicmind comes with AI technology and offers multiple features to remove vocals effectively. This software is an excellent AI to remove vocals from songs. You can easily extract, clear, and isolate vocals with valuable features offerings. It will take a short period to complete the removing vocal and other conversion processes. With Phonicmind software, you will get several formats to download the file, such as .stem and .mp4.


  • Supports several formats like .aac, .aiff, .flac, MP3, .wma, .wav, files.
  • Files can be downloaded in formats including .flac, .zip, mp3, .stem, .mp4.
  • Separates vocals and instrumental tones or remove any of these two and provide you acepella and karaoke


  • It takes less time for removing and conversion processes.
  • Provide facilities for using offline.


  • Need to purchase plan for operating.


3. provides advanced technology to remove vocals from song AI or a recording in your browser. Not only for removing vocals but this software work also well as a voice recorder, audio joiner, cutter, etc. This vocal remover offers functions to edit audio files with effects and tools. It won’t require or ask for downloading any additional software and will reduce the hassle of editing audio.


  • Vocal Remover, Pitch Changer, and Tempo Changer.
  • Audio Cutter, Joiner, Recorder, and Converter.
  • Key and BPM Finder.
  • Voice Recorder and Karaoke Recorder.


  • Offers function in the main interface of the official website.
  • Advanced tools for free, including microphone test, BPM finder, and so on.


  • The loading will be slow for large-size files.


This paid AL vocal remover isolates and separates vocal and other audio sources. It has a few most straightforward steps to complete to get the removed vocals files. This AI-powered audio source isolation software will help to complete the process with a short processing time.


  • AI techniques for audio processing
  • Provide storage for songs for five days and
  • Allows 10 MB size of files in its free account


  • Provide a lot of features besides audio cutting.
  • A faster process to complete the task.


  • The free version is limited.


5. Remove Vocals

Remover Vocals is an AI vocal remover free, allowing you to remove vocals from music with the offered features. With this vocal removing software, you will get a straightforward way of removing or eliminating vocals and instruments.


  • Separate and remove vocals from instruments quickly.
  • Record voices easily and produces desired karaoke and acapella.
  • Essential tools to cut, clip, and join the audio track.


  • Offer AI, a simple interface, and ad-free UI.
  • Support audio formats file like MP3 and WAV, including the capability of more than 80 MB file size.


  • It cannot provide accurate results most of the time.

vocals remover

6. Easysplitter

EasySplitter is an AI vocal remover that helps to remove vocals from a song. You will get four separate music versions, including Instrumental, Vocal, Bass, and Drums. EasySplitter provides the most innovative technology to ensure a great experience. The outcome you will get will be lossless of quality.


  • Vocal isolation online on the complete automation.
  • Web and mobile synchronization.
  • Developed with the cleanest code to avoid any bugs.


  • Separate vocals without loss of quality.
  • Fast processing speed to split the songs.


  • Requires purchasing plan to use.


Part 2: Bonus: Use The Best AI Vocal Remover Free with Veeware Audio Editor

Now, it's time to tell about the best AI vocal remover. Veeware Audio Editor is multi-tasking software that will provide you with the best service and tools with Artificial Intelligence. This free AI vocal remover has powerful functions to serve you for audio editing efficiently. It will give you incredible performance while removing vocals from a music track. You can also do a lot of things with this software for free. It also offers excellent editing tools. Check its fantastic set of functions.

download Download


  • Remove vocals in the simplest and fastest way and make your audio track in instrument version without affecting the audio file's original sound or instrumental quality.
  • Change the tempo to make the video fast or slow without any lossless conversion.
  • Merge video and cut audio from the recorded videos with lossless and HD conversion faster.
  • Reduce noise, change rates more efficiently, save your storage, and allow sharing of files.
  • Lower or increase the file's pitch.
  • Mix audio files seamlessly and conveniently and record videos using unmute tool.
  • Fading or fading out audio helps to add darkness effect tuning into an image.
  • Get more than 35 audio formats, namely the MP2, MP3, M4A, WAV WMA, etc.

veeware audio editor

Let’s know the way Veeware offers to remove vocals from any song or recording. Take the overview of a step-by-step guide on removing vocals using Veeware AI vocal remover free.

Step 1: Download and create an account

Go to the official Veeware site and download it from the page. Complete the Login process to get a Veeware account.

Step 2: Add audio track to remove vocal

Now, select the audio part or music to remove vocals. Insert the file to the main surface of Veeware by clicking the ‘Add Files’ button.

add audio track

Step 3: Remove vocals from the song

Pick a part of audio or the entire audio for removing audio. Choose the option 'Remove Vocals.' The process will start on Veeware.

removing vocal

Step 4: Export file

After completing the removing vocal process, you can save the file by hitting the 'Export' option.

export files


We will close our discussion today regarding the AI vocal remover software. As you have already gotten the idea of efficient software from our well-researched guidelines, all of them will help you in a great way to remove vocals. You also know how you can accomplish the process of eliminating songs. Among all these seven mentioned AI vocal remover software, if you want to get a specific recommendation for you, we will highly recommend you Veeware Audio Editor and vocal remover. This all-in-one audio editing tool, will offer you the best functions to deal with every audio editing task. Once you try Veeware, we believe you will turn its permanent user because of its best result. Don't forget to try Veeware, and it won't let you down.

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