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Top 7 Helpful Music Mixer Software In 2022

Lyan | 2022-05-22 08:46:11

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Lately, there has become a high demand for effective music mixing software from media video creators, dubbers, broadcasters, and other public users. However, the fact is many of these folks have ended up acquiring the wrong music mixer software because they find it tricky to select from hundreds of music mixing tools available on the internet.

In this article, you'll discover the most reliable music mixer software in 2022. Yes, these tools have been well researched by our team of experts, and they tick boxes around in all aspects we tested them. So, read on to select the one that suits your music mixing requirements.

Part 1: What Is The Best Music Mixer Software In 2022 - Veeware Audio Editor

The best music mixer software recommended by hundreds of users for its efficiency, quality, and reliability is the Veeware Audio Editor. Veeware audio editor is a lightweight and simple to use music mixer for public users, personal media video creators, short video creators, music lovers, broadcasters, and dubbers.

Veeware Audio Editor

This tool doesn't just enable audio mixing, it also gives users the ability to employ sophisticated audio editing features to execute different types of audio editing operations without any problems. Yes, with Veeware, you can easily cut, mix, merge, edit, Fade in/out, denoise, and do lots of audio without compromising its quality.

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Key Features

  • Mix audio within a few clicks using advanced music mixing and editing tools.
  • Mix audio in over 30 different formats handily.
  • Cut, merge, denoise, and do lots of editing on your music without affecting its quality.
  • Easily enhance your music output quality using dedicated audio enhancement features.

A how-to guide to using Veeware Audio Editor to mix music

Veeware allows easy audio mixing. To get started, visit the Veeware audio editor official website and install the all I'm your Windows computer.

Step 1: Start the Veeware audio editor app > Upload an audio track file from your PC by clicking the add (+) button or you can drag-n-drop the file.

mix music with veeware step 1

Step 2: After you successfully uploaded the audio track, highlight the part where you want to mix, then click Mix at the top section of the software interface

mix music with veeware step 2

By clicking mix, a pop-up window will appear asking you to add new audio to mix with the previously added audio track. Just click the ‘File’ icon and upload the new audio track file.

Step 3: Once you upload the second audio, click OK to begin the audio mix. Then, when the mixing operation is finalized, click Export.

mix music with veeware step 3

A pop-up will appear again once you click the export button requiring you to select the audio output file location, format, and other parameters. Just choose according to your requirement and click on Ok to complete. 

Part 2: Top 7 Helpful Music Mixer Software In 2022 You Should Know

Now you've known which music mixer software is the best to acquire in 2022, let's take a look at some other tools for mixing music you can try. We've reviewed these tools based on different audio mixing and editing requirements, compatibility, pricing plans, pros, and cons. Keep scrolling to find out more about the tools mentioned below and choose the one that suits your requirement.

1. Audacity

Audacity is one of the oldest audio mixers out there and it's trusted by lots of users. This free audio mixing software provides users with helpful features like analysis tool, bass, treble, noise removal, etc, to easily mix and edit their audio without any problem. Although this tool has a few safety issues, folks can always rely on it for quick audio mixing tasks.

Compatibility - Windows, Mac



  • It's 100% free.
  • It supports lots of audio mixing and editing features.
  • Despite being free, it's trusted by professionals online.
  • Support all popular audio formats like MP3, MP4, FLAC, AIF, etc.


  • It usually lags sometimes.
  • The UI could be improved.

2. Wavepad

Wavepad is another audio mixing software that's very effective for folks looking to perform basic audio mixing tasks. Unlike Audacity, this tool also allows users to record voice, music, and sound using robust features that tick boxes around. However, you might need to pay to use advanced features in the tool. 

Compatibility - Windows, Mac



  • Support batch audio mixing and editing.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Provides lots of amazing functions for fast and high-quality audio mixing operation. 


  • You need to pay to utilize some advanced audio editing features.
  • Multi-tracking feature is not available.

3. Reaper - for music creators

Unlike Wavepad and Audacity, Reaper is well known amongst music creators. Yes, this tool provided music creators with lots of audio mixing functionality to produce top-notch audio mix. With Reaper, you can easily record audio to stereo, simultaneously capture multiple disks for data redundancy, and lots more. Plus, it supports different types of audio formats ranging from MP4, MP3, ACID, AVI, etc.

Compatibility - Windows, Mac



  • Straight forward and customizable UI.
  • Availability of multi-tracking features.
  • It's highly affordable.


  • The software might be a little complicated for newbies.
  • It's not free.

4. FL Studio

Another popular audio mixing software amongst music creators in the FL Studio audio mixer. Boasting lots of amazing functionality like time-stretching, pitch-shifting, multi-track recording, etc, this tool gives music creators the ability to easily mix audio without any compromise.

Besides, it supports features like delay compensation, effects chain, and a lot more that are very helpful for quality audio mixing.

Compatibility - Windows, Mac

FL Studio


  • Support lots of sophisticated musical instruments for mixing.
  • Availability of more than 80 plugins including the ones for compression, sample manipulation, etc.
  • Supports the use of third-party plugins.


  • Newbies could get confused using this app.
  • The operation is not as simple as other mixing softwares on this list.

5. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is another excellent free music mixer on the list. Yes, this tool, unlike others, supports both online and desktop versions, making it easily accessible by any user without requiring to install the app. Ocenaudio is very effective for modifying audios, and with the availability of its advanced features, users can employ it for their basic music mixing and editing task.

Compatibility - Windows, Mac



  • Support lots of rich music mixing features.
  • Availability of online version, so you don't necessarily need to install the app.
  • Straight-forward UI that's way better than that of Audacity.


  • The interface seems a bit sparse.

6. AudioTool

AudioTool is a free online music mixer software with amazing mixing functionality just like Ocenaudio. Yes, this tool allows easy creation and publication of music tracks, and it can be utilized to record 30 seconds segments of sound using advanced features.

Compatibility - Smartphone & PC



  • It's free and you don't need to download any software.
  • Support lots of effects, filters, and virtual instruments.
  • It's features are robust despite being an online tool.


  • It supports export only via MP3 format.
  • It works only on Chrome.

7. Djay  PRO

Djay PRO, just as the name implies is an advanced music mixing software designed specially for Windows 10 PC.  With this great sound mixing tool, you can easily integrate different types of audio to form high-quality mixed music. Besides, you don't need any technical knowledge to use this tool, and its interface is very clean, making it very easy to use by anyone.

Compatibility - Smartphone & PC

Djay  PRO


  • Availability of advanced Spotify integration.
  • The UI is very straightforward.
  • Lots of helpful music mixing features.


  • It usually lags


As a music creator, dubber, broadcaster, video creator, or public user looking to mix audio with high-quality, you need reliable music mixing software that doesn't fail. The list of music mixing software mentioned on this page is very effective and they can help users at all levels to mix music using different effective features. From Veeware audio editor to Audacity, Wavepad, AudioTool, and the others, all you just have to do is to make a selection based on the one that suits your music mixing needs. However, we recommend Veeware audio editor because it offers better features compared to the others.

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