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2022 Best Alternative To Mixpad Audio Mixer For PC

Lyan | 2022-06-05 19:59:00

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Exploring the internet for the best alternative to the Mixpad audio mixer can be very difficult as you'll find hundreds of options to select from. Perhaps you're one of those folks who is looking to switch from the Mixpad audio Mixer tool, but you don't know which tool will be a perfect replacement, don't panic because we got you covered.

In this article, you'll discover the best alternative to the Mixpad audio mixer based on reliability, ease of use, speed, and efficiency. Besides, not only does this recommended tool allow the mixing of audios, but it also supports a plethora of audio editing features that tick boxes all around. So, without wasting much of your time, let's dive in to get cracking.

Part 1: Best Alternative to Mixpad Audio Mixer For PC - Veeware Audio Editor

Veeware Audio Editor uses an advanced but simple audio mixer that allows users at all levels easily mix audio of different formats handily without requiring technical knowledge. With this tool, you don't need the intervention of a professional to execute different types of simple and advanced editing operations on your audio file. From mixing audio to cutting, merging, fading in/out, removing vocals, denoising, and lots more. That being said, it is safe to say you can rely on the Veeware audio editor for all your music editing work. Some of the key features of this amazing tool are mentioned below.

veeware audio editor

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Key features

  • Supports an advanced AI system that enables users to easily mix audio just within a few clicks.
  • Remove, cut, merge, reduce noise, and do lots more on audio like a pro.
  • Supports over 30 audio formats including MP3, MP4, OGG, FLAC, etc.
  • Dedicated editing features that allow users to enhance audio quality.

Stepwise Guide To Use Veeware Audio Editor to mix Audio

If you've downloaded and installed the Veeware audio editor on your PC, proceed to the steps outlined below to mix your audio.

 Step 1: Launch the Veeware audio editing program on your Windows Computer and upload an audio file by using the + option or you can just drag-n-drop the file.

mix audio using Veeware step 1

Step 2: Highlight the part of the audio you want to mix and click on Mix located at the top of the page.

mix audio using Veeware step 2

Once you click Mix, a pop-up will show on your screen to upload the file of the audio you want to mix with the audio file uploaded prior. Then click the Ok button to begin the mix operation.

Step 3: Wait for Veeware to complete the audio mixing process, then click on the Export button > From the pop-up that appears, choose the location to save your audio file, apply output format, and other settings.

mix audio using Veeware step 3

Finally, click Ok to complete the process!

Part 2: Other Reliable Audio Mixer For PC you can Try

Aside from Veeware being the best alternative to Mixpad audio mixer, there are other reliable audio mixers you can employ, and from our research, these tools also deliver great output. However, compared to Veeware, they're no match.

1. Wondershare Filmora

The Wondershare Filmora is one of the top reliable audio mixing tools that's worth putting on the list because of its success rate and reviews from users. From our research, this tool also has amazing features that enable users to mix audio without any problem. Plus, its clean user interface makes it easy to use, and with the availability of other reliable audio editing features, you can perform different kinds of editing operations on your audio.

Wondershare Filmora


  • Very effective for editing audios mostly in videos.
  • Availability of effective preset options that can be utilized by users at all levels.
  • Supports helpful tutorials to guide newbies on how to employ different helpful features on the tool.


  • It could get laggy sometimes.
  • Supports only a few options to enhance audio quality.

2. Logic Pro X

Up next is the popular Logic Pro X - An amazing audio mixer that boasts lots of audio editing functionality that ticks boxes around. Yes, Logic Pro X allows users to easily integrate and import music libraries without any compromise. Besides, the availability of numerous sound options gives users the ability to easily customize audio to their taste within a few clicks. 

Logic Pro X


  • Support lots of audio editing features for users to experience.
  • It's easy to use despite being advanced.
  • Enables quick editing and mixing of audios.


  • It could be pricey for an average user.
  • It's supported on only Mac PCs.

3. Audacity

Another top audio mixing tool trusted by thousands of users globally is Audacity. This free and open-source audio editor is one of the most easy configurations in the industry, and unlike the Logic Pro X, it's supported on all PCs ranging from Mac to Windows, and Linux. Audacity has lots of editing features like audio merging, recording, addition of VST plugins, and lots more that simplify all kinds of audio editing activities.



  • It's easy to configure.
  • Records and edits audio with high quality.
  • The software app is very easy to navigate.


  • Number of audio formats supported is limited.
  • Multitrack recording feature is a bit confusing.

4. Adobe Audition Pro

Adobe Audition Pro is from the popular Adobe software production. This software is great for basic audio editing - It allows users to mix, edit, cut, merge, match loudness, and do lots more on their audio without any compromise. In addition, there are robust editing features that users can utilize to execute more advanced editing operations.

Adobe Audition Pro


  • Boasts lots of helpful sound effects.
  • Excellent for recording audio in various formats with high quality.
  • Easily edit, enhance, and fix errors in audio within a few clicks.


  • The interface could be simpler.
  • Loop library.

Part 3: FAQs

What is an Audio Mixer?

An audio mixer is a tool used for recording, reproducing, and reinforcing sounds without compromising their quality.

What does an Audio mixer do?

An audio mixer helps to balance, mix, and combine different sounds in an audio to give it a top/notch output and make it sound better to the ear.


The best alternative to the Mixpad audio mixer is that tool that can help you execute all kinds of audio editing activities without any compromise. As you've seen from the article, Veeware is the perfect Mixpad for PC audio mixer alternative anyone could ask for. Not only do all users mix audio effectively, but it also allows you to perform basic and advanced audio editing operations like a pro. You can also employ one of the reliable audio mixers or PC mentioned above if you're not looking to use Mixpad, however, we highly recommended the Veeware audio editor for more quality output.

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