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How To Professionally Mix Audio and Voice Within A Few Clicks

Lyan | 2022-05-20 23:46:00

Mix Audio

There is no doubt vocals are an important aspect of an audio mix, and if there's no balance between your audio and vocal, chances are the output of your music wouldn't turn out to sound quality.

The best way to mix audio and vocals with high-quality is by using a reliable audio mixing and editing tool to get the job done. So, in the article, we would teach you how to professionally mix audio and voice within a few clicks using advanced audio tools. Plus, you'll get a heads up on the top tools you can employ for mixing audio and voice online.

Part 1: How To Professionally Mix Audio And Voice Within A Few Clicks - Veeware Audio Editor

A lot of music creators and video creators, especially beginners fail to create quality soundtracks because they lack the knowledge of the best tools they can use to create one. The Veeware Audio Editor is a global audio mixing and editing  tool that allows users to execute all kinds of audio related tasks. From editing to mixing, merging, denoising, fading in/ fading out, and lots more.

inser audios with veeware

With this tool, you no longer need to reach out to any audio editing expert to mix or edit your audio. Besides, Veeware has a highly-intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate and it boasts sophisticated features that can be employed by users at any level.

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Key Features

  • Execute different types of audio editing operations fast and efficiently with high quality.
  • Easily mix audio and voice in over 30 formats.
  • Perform audio cut, mix, edit, merge, and lots more like a pro.
  • Extract vocals from audio and use advanced features to fix errors in vocals.

Stepwise guide to mix audio and voice using Veeware Audio Editor

Below is a detailed guide on how to use Veeware to mix audio files - make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest version of Veeware audio editor software on your PC. Also, make sure you've recorded the voice you want to mix with your audio and save it on your PC.

Step 1: Launch the Veeware audio editing software on your Windows PC and upload an audio file by clicking + on the interface or you can drag-n-drop the file.

mix audio step 1

Step 2: Now from the top section of the software interface, click on Mix.

mix audio step 2

A pop-up windows will appear on the page, click on the ‘File’ logo to add the recorded voice file you're looking to mix with your audio.

Step 3: Veeware will begin the mixing process. This usually takes only a few minutes to complete.

mix audio step 3

Finally, click on Export at the top right corner then apply the audio output settings (File location, output format, etc.) from the pop-up that appears, and click OK to complete the audio and voice mixing task.

Part 2: Top 3 Tools to Mix Audio And Voice Online

Veeware audio editor is the best audio and voice mixing software you can always employ for all audio-related operations. However, if you don't want to download any third-party tool on your PC. there are some other helpful online audio editing tools you can try. Read on to find out about these online tools!

1. Audiotool

Audiotool is one of the top online tools that boasts amazing mixing facilities. Yes, this online audio and voice mixing tool allows the creation of audio tracks without requiring any technical knowledge.

With Audiotool, you can execute audio editing operations like recording a 30-sec segment of sound using a musical instrument, merging audio, and doing lots more.



  • Availability of lots of filters, effects, and virtual instruments.
  • Support creation of MDI controller.
  • Users don't need to install any software on their PC.


  • Users can only save mixed audio and voice in MP3 formats.
  • It's supported on Chrome browsers only.

2. FL Studio

FL Studio is another well-known audio editing tool for mixing audio and voice online. This online audio editing tool supports fine features like multi-track recording, DAWs, time-stretching, and lots more that ticks boxes around.

FL Studio

Besides, FL studio has a highly-intuitive interface, and unlike Audiotool, it supports the export of audio output in different types of popular formats.


  • Support a lot of audio and voice mixing/editing tools.
  • Users can utilize third-party plugins on the tool.
  • Support lots of plugins for users to employ to produce quality audio output.


  • The tool might be difficult to understand for new users.

3. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is another free online audio and voice mixer with lots of quality features that users can use to produce fantastic audio output. It doesn't matter if you're a tech-literate or not, this tool will give you access to helpful features that allows you to mix, cut, edit, and do lots more audio tracks effortlessly.

Logic Pro X


  • Support all audio formats.
  • Availability of a wide range of audio editing and mixing instruments.
  • Lots of pre-recorded sounds and patches available for users to employ.


  • It works only on Mac computers.
  • Users have to pay to access advanced features.


Anyone can mix audio and voice without requiring technical knowledge as long as you've got access ti the right audio tool. This article has covered every aspect of mixing audio and voice professionally using the best audio editing tool. You can also try the mentioned online tools to mix audio and voice. However, for a high-quality mixing result, we recommend using the Veeware Audio editor.

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