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Most Effective Audio Mixer For PC You Must Try In 2022

Lyan | 2022-05-20 23:41:06

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Mixing audio is one of the most intriguing aspects of music creation. Yes, the best artiste and video creators out there are those whose audio mixing skill is top-notch. But the big question is how do these folks mix their audio perfectly? Well, the answer is not far-fetched - 'They've got the right audio mixing tool at their fingertips.

To have a good quality audio mix, you need a reliable audio mixer that can help you maintain a perfect balance when you mix or combine different sounds. However, how do you find the right audio mixer? Well, you're on the right page to find the right audio tool that boasts all the qualities of a good audio mixer.

Here, we would introduce you to the most effective audio mixer for PC. Plus, you will discover some other helpful mixers for PC you can try in 2022. So keep reading.

Part 1: What Is The Most Effective Audio Mixer For PC? - Veeware Audio Editor

Speaking of the right audio tool that boasts all the qualities of a good audio mixer, it's none other than the Veeware audio editor.

Veeware Audio Editor is the #1 audio mixer in the industry tested and trusted by millions of users globally for its effectiveness. This advanced audio mixing tool is packed with lots of amazing functionality that makes audio editing and mixing just like a walk in the Park. It doesn't matter if you're looking to cut, mix, merge, fade in/out, denoise, or do lots more on your audio, Veeware audio editor will give you access to all the required tools to execute the task within a few clicks.


Besides, Veeware has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use by anyone, and unlike lots of other audio mixers, you don't require any penny to use both advanced and basic features on the app.

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Key Features

  • Mix multiple audios of any size handily without affecting the quality.
  • Effortlessly merge, cut, apply effects, pitch shift, fade in/fade out, and more.
  • Supports a wide range of audio formats (over 30), such as OGG, MP3, MP4, etc.
  • Extract vocals from audio and perform other advanced audio editing tasks without any compromise.

How-to guide to using Veeware Audio Editor

Step 1: Download and install Veeware software on your PC, then open the app and upload the audio track file you're looking to mix.

using veeware audio editor step 1

Step 2: Highlight the section of the audio track you want to mix, then click on Mix at the top area of the interface.

using veeware audio editor step 2

A pop-up will appear when you click the mix button, just hit the ‘File’ icon and upload the new audio track you want to mix in with the previously uploaded track. Then, click Ok

Step 3: The audio will begin to mix and once Veeware has completed the operation, navigate to the top-right corner and hit the ‘Export’ button to save the mixed audio track.

using veeware audio editor step 3

Just apply the audio output settings from the pop-up and click Ok to finalize the task.

Part 2: Helpful Music Mixer For PC you should know

1. Reaper

Reaper is a fully sophisticated audio production tool that offers users basic editing features to easily mix audio without requiring any technical knowledge.

The modern technology incorporated in this tool makes it effective to perform different audio editing activities, and it can be utilized in recording songs in studio quality. Plus, it supports options like MDI recording, audio cutting, and lots more.


Compatibility - Mac & Windows

Pricing Plans - Free, $60/month for a discount license, $225/month for a commercial license.


  • Lots of editing features for almost all kinds of audio editing tasks.
  • Lightweight software and it executes operations fast.
  • Supports free trial for users to explore different features of the tool.


  • Its UI can be a bit confusing for newbies.
  • The background noise canceling feature could be better.

2. Hyawave

Hyawave is an online tool with a lot of quality functionality for mixing and editing audios. Although it doesn't support the multi-tracking feature like the others mentioned on this list, this online audio editing tool boasts simplicity and gives users the ability to apply effect, record, edit, mix, cut, and crop audio with high quality.


Compatibility - Mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux

Pricing Plans - 100% Free


  • Hyawave is a great option for users who don't want to install third-party software on their PC.
  • It's 100% free to use.
  • Clean and friend user interface.


  • It doesn't support a multi-tracking feature.
  • It's not ideal for advanced audio editing work.

3. You.DJ

You.DJ is a very popular online DJ app that allows users to mix YouTube videos and Sound Cloud music for free. This tool which is powered by Web DJ mixer is a great option for users looking to only mix audio. Yes, unlike other tools on the list which support other audio editing features, You.DJ only mixes audio, and it does that without compromising the audio quality too.


Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

Pricing Plans: Free


  • It's 100% free.
  • Great for mixing audios and the layout is excellent.
  • It's compatible with all devices.


  • It doesn't support other audio editing features aside from audio mixing.

4. Doctor Mix

Doctor mix is one of the trusted audio tools for PC that allows users to mix audio, enhance lifeless mixes, and do lots more on their music track like a pro. As the name implies, doctor mix gives a remedy to errors in your audio. Besides, it supports a variety of audio editing features, thus giving users access to all they need to fix errors in or mix audio tracks.

Doctor Mix

Compatibility - Windows, Mac

Pricing plans: Free, $45 - $881


  • Users can share edited/mixed audio tracks to third-party platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Provides a wide range of music styles for both beginners and professionals.
  • Lots of helpful musical instruments are available.


  • The free version does not help mix audios.
  • The cost of a subscription to access advanced features of the tool is quite expensive.


Audio mixer apps have become a necessity for lots of music creators, broadcasters, and video creators lately. And as you've seen above, we've discussed the most effective audio mixer app and other reliable ones you can try in 2022.

Besides, the audio mixer apps mentioned on this page have been thoroughly reviewed. All you just have to do is to pick the one that best suits your requirements. However, we recommend opting in for the Veeware audio editor for a seamless audio mixing operation with high-quality output.

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