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[Free & Easy] How to Merge 2 Audio Files Online/Offline

Lyan | 2022-04-29 09:24:33

Merge Audio

Merging audio files basically means combining multiple audio files into a single audio file. If you want to merge two or more audio files, you must play them one by one without any break off. Again, if you want to remove unwanted noises from your audio track, you can delete them and merge the audio file with other tracks together. In this generation, merging audio files has become a common word among us for different work-related purposes. A huge number of audio merging software’s are available around us. But many of us don’t know which software will be the suitable one and how to work with it. In this article, you will get to know about some online/offline audio mergers and how to merge 2 audio files easily and fast.

Part 1: Easiest Way to Merge 2 Audio Files on Windows: Veeware Audio Editor

Veeware Audio Editor is one of the best audio joiner with 29 different audio formats such as MP3, MP2, OGG, FLAC, M4A, WAV, AMR, AC3, WMA and more. This software is rich with features like audio merging, dubbing editing, ringtones making, background music editing, removing noises, pitch shifting etc. It’s an amazing tool to merge 2 audio files on your computer without any hassle. There are so many advanced features available in this tool that will give you full control over any audio files and do a lot more than just combining them. Therefore, Veeware Audio Editor is a one stop solution for audio merging no matter if you are a new user or an expert.

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veeware audio editor


  • It can change the speed of the audio instead of changing the pitch.
  • Can unmute with just one click.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.
  • Allows customizing audio pitch, scale, frequency and other parameters.
  • Have the ability of customizing any section of the audio for ultimate mixing control.
  • Remove vocal from audio easily.

Step by Step Guide to Merge 2 Audio Files in Windows:

Step 1: Download, install and launch the Veeware Audio Editor in your computer. The first thing you need to do is import the main audio file and then click at the center to import the primary file.

veeware audio editor step 1

Step 2: Make sure to check if you have all the audio files ready to merge them together.

Step 3: Define the position within the audio track to continue with the next step of merging the files all together.

Step 4: Once you have done defining the position, click on the “Insert” button and then choose the “Folder” icon to insert the file. This is how you can easily merge 2 MP3 files in offline.

veeware audio editor step 2

Part 2: How to Merge 2 Audio Files on Mac

A great way to merge 2 audio files on Mac is by using iTunes. iTunes is a software that acts like both a media player and a media library. This software was invented by Apple for their users to merge audio files easily. It has a huge number of popular songs, movies, TV shows and podcasts to purchase and download. It is also used as an audio merger to merge audio files.

Steps to Merge 2 Audio Files on Mac:

Step 1: Launch “iTunes” on you device.

Step 2: Choose the files you need to merge. (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift and click on your favored songs)

Step 3: Click on the right hand button on each song. Then you need to choose “Get Info” option from the dropdown list.

Step 4: Choose the “Options” tab.

Step 5: Check Part of a compilation and Gapless album boxes. Finally click on the “OK” button to proceed.

merge 2 audio with itunes

Interestingly, iTunes also allows you combining music files importing from CD:

Step 1: Place a CD and open iTunes on your device.

Step 2: Choose all the audio files you want to be combined or click “Edit” in the browser and select all.

Step 3: Select “Join CD Tracks” and click “Import CD” to combine selected files into one single file.

Part 3: How to Merge 2 MP3 Files Online

Many people want to learn how to merge 2 audio files online without any problem. So we introduce you with Audio Joiner, a simple way to merge 2 MP3 files online. Audio joiner is an online based audio merging tool which is totally free and easy to use with simple interface. This tool supports more than 300 audio formats and automatically convert them to MP3. It also supports crossfading and doesn’t need any external software to combine multiple audio tracks at once.

merge 2 audio online

Steps to Merge 2 MP3 Files Online:

Step 1: Open a tab in your main browser and search for “Audio Joiner” in the search button.

Step 2: If you are on the site, click on “Add tracks” to add audio tracks. Then select the files from your PC and it will uploaded on the site.

Step 3: You will find the files on your device screen after they are uploaded. If you need to change the sequences or order, take the cursor over a track and click on the down or top arrow icon. You can also choose a start and end time for your files. In this way, they will start and end at your selected time. Use the options of your screen to do it.

Step 4: Then select an output format from the “Format” dropdown menu and click “Join”.

Step 5: Click on “Download” to download the merged file. You can also upload it on your Dropbox or Google Drive account directly.

Now you can play the downloaded file on any music player.

Part 4: How to Merge 2 Audio Files Offline

If you want to merge 2 audio files offline, then you can use Audacity as it’s a very helpful offline tool for audio editing. Audacity is a free, open source and cross-platform audio software to merge audio files. It is a multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS and other operating systems. It lets you import, edit and combine audio files. You can use it to record audio using a microphone or mixer. It supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit and also supports LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit effect plug-ins. There are various disadvantages of audacity, including security problem and not so easy to use. So this is not the most ideal way to merge 2 audio files.

merge 2 audio with audicity

Steps to Merge 2 Audio Files Offline: 

Step 1. Launch “Audacity” your computer. If you don’t have it, then install the latest version of Audacity.

Step 2. Import the files by clicking “File” and then “Import”. Choose the audio files from the local file folder.

NB: There are some files that can’t be input in Audacity and there is nothing you can do about it. If you see something like this, the click on “OK”.

Step 3. Then click on “Time Shift Tool”. You can also press shortcut keys F5 and drag the Time Shift Tool cursor to the place where you want your next clip to be played.

Step 4. Export the audio file by clicking File > Export > Choose “Export as WAV” in the dropdown list.


There are times when you want to add some audio as a background music for your videos, presentations or slideshows. In these type of moments, you need to merge two or more audio tracks into one audio file to add. You can merge audios both online and offline. There are many online-based and offline-based software’s are available with limited features or not-limited features. In this article, we have suggested you some online/offline audio merging software’s and described how to work with it. Among all of them, we would highly recommend the “Veeware Audio Editor” for its fascinating features and easy to use with its simple interface for both beginners and professionals. This software acts like an all-in-one tool. We hope you will love using this program.

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