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Veeware Audio Editor User Guide

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User Guide

Let's try to understand the need to unmute the audio. There are a lot of silences when recording audio, or silences are too long in audio, and you want to delete these mutes automatically, you can use these functions. Also, as an audio editor, there are many instances, while making any changes, background Sound or audio often gets muted. At that time, you might need instant access to unmute sound/audio to make necessary changes to the audio. Or, sometimes unknowingly, system sound gets muted by another person, so at this time unmute option under the audio editor will act as the right approach to unmute sound.

You can unmute audio using the unmute option if the audio gets muted. Let's understand how you can unmute audio with Veeware Audio Editor. Rightly for that, try the following steps:

Step 1: Open Veeware

From the official website of Veeware Audio Editor, you need to choose an appropriate plan as per your requirement and proceed with the download software option. Then, select and click twice from the download folder to initiate installing the Veeware software that will last for a few moments. Once done, open the software, and right from the center of the main interface, click to add your audio file.

add audio file - Veeware Guide

Step 2: Use unmute option

Now, your file gets uploaded, and check the audio if it is working correctly or not. While playing audio, if you find that the voice gets muted at different places, or if any silence appears that does not fit into the whole track, you can unmute audio using an unmute button.

So, select the track and click on the unmute button available at the bottom area, Audio Effect Area, and continue with your editing process now.

unmute audio - Veeware Guide

Step 3: Save File

In the end, you need to press the Export button to save the editing after unmuting audio at the desired location by specifying there.

export and save files - Veeware Guide


This way, you can follow the above-mentioned simple steps. Next time, while recording audio, if any silence gets recorded or pauses remain for too long a duration, you need not worry anymore. Because now you have a helpful tool that is Veeware Audio Editor. Wherewith just one click, you can easily unmute audio and listen to the recorded track easily. Isn't that a fantastic thing? Yes, it is. Sometimes following simple steps, you can complete tasks so fast.

Veeware Audio Editor

The simplest and most practical audio editor for personal media video creators. Cut, trim, merge, mix audio, remove vocals, reduce background noise, add audio effect and more.

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