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Veeware Audio Editor User Guide

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User Guide

Typically, the vocal part acts as the essence of the whole track. But there are certain instances also when removing the vocal part becomes the need of the time. Such as:

In addition to them, there can have other benefits also. Such as, you can mix different forms of sound effects and voices to bring innovation to your audio or music editing journey. Whatever be the reason, this guide is the perfect match for your questions. So, if you want to detach or remove vocals from your audio or music, this step-by-step guide will rightly assist you. Here are the required steps:

Step 1: Upload file

After opening the Veeware Software, you need to install the official web page first into your system. When the main page appears, you can upload files by clicking at the mid of the interface or drag and drop directly from the system. Wait for a few seconds till your file gets uploaded.

upload-audio - Veeware Guide

Step 2: Select the Audio part

If you want to remove vocal from any particular section of the music, then using cursor select the area or if you wish to remove vocal from the whole file, you can do so using CTRL+A or via cursor. The selected part will get highlighted in blue color.

select audio ctrl a - Veeware Guide

Step 3: Voice Removal

After selection, the most crucial step comes from the Audio Effects Area. You will see the 'Voice Removal' button. Simply click on the 'Voice Removal' it. A dialog box will be visible, where you can define the vocal strength and low cut/high cut in Hertz, and once satisfied with the settings, click OK to remove the vocal from the audio with ease.

remove vocal - Veeware Guide


You will be amazed that the steps to remove vocals from audio or music become so easy with Veeware Audio Editor. After that, you are free to perform different tasks to your background music part or can add multiple effects to bring about a different version of your music composition. What's more, you can easily dub music in other voices or languages this way and that quite effectively.

Veeware Audio Editor

The simplest and most practical audio editor for personal media video creators. Cut, trim, merge, mix audio, remove vocals, reduce background noise, add audio effect and more.

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