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Veeware Audio Editor User Guide

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User Guide

While watching movies or listening to audio series, you might have noticed how the audio variation takes place. For example, you are listening to FM radio, a story is telecasting, suddenly background sounds slow/fade in or volume level increasing gradually to the optimum level.

Similarly, the fade-in/fade-out effects go hand-in-hand with our very own audio/music industry. Here, the editor will bring about a gradual increase in the volume level from silence to the optimized level or inversely from running level to zero. The fade-in/out effect is quite simple to apply with Veeware Audio Editor. It is widely useful to edit different genres of audio worldwide. Check the following steps:

Step 1: Open to attach the file

Begin with opening Veeware Audio Editor. On the software start, you will get the + symbol at the middle of the page. So click here to add a file.

add audio file - Veeware Guide

Step 2: Select the track

You must select the voice track part to add the effect. It is an easy action by sliding the mouse over the Spectrogram area and choosing part of the track.

select sample - Veeware Guide

Step 3: Fade in/Fade out

After that, click either the Fade in or Fade out button to apply the effect from the interface bottom area, also termed as Audio Effects Area. Doing so will change the volume level from zero to the original sound level (in case of choosing fade-in effect) or from the actual sound level to zero (if fade-out effect is selected).

fade in - Veeware Guide

While adding fade-in effect, you can also check whether it is working or not using the play button. If yes, then suitable. Otherwise, you can use undo or redo option.

fade out - Veeware Guide

Seeing the screenshots will further simplify the process. So don’t miss to check every part to understand the guide effectively.


Adding some effects become easy if the tool or software is effective. While using Veeware Audio Editor, you will feel the difference yourself. It becomes ultimately easy to apply the Fade in/Fade out effect to your audio/music. Lastly, apart from the above suggestions, you should explore Veeware at least once to use its various services.

Veeware Audio Editor

The simplest and most practical audio editor for personal media video creators. Cut, trim, merge, mix audio, remove vocals, reduce background noise, add audio effect and more.

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