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Veeware Audio Editor User Guide

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User Guide

Do you enjoy dancing in the music's rhythm, or are you an audio editor who always loves to create music for all with unique rhythmic effects? The essence of any song’s lyrics lies within the rhythm or sound of the music. The rhythm is popularly known as the pattern or series of notes within a musical sequence. Or in other words, when you join different notes that vary in different duration forms a rhythmically formed music composition.

Now, here we will start discussing your concern about possible ways to adjust/modify, or make necessary changes to music rhythm—no need to visit here and there. Your matter will resolve here. Yes, you heard that right. The Veeware Audio Editor is such a fantastic approach that you can use and has multiple editing options. So gets jumped into steps hereunder. So, audio editors, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch Veeware Software

You, at first would have to download the software from Veeware Webpage. There is a link you can use to download this audio editor. After it gets downloaded, double press to install and launch Veeware Audio Editor Software.

open software - Veeware Guide

Step 2: Upload your audio

Now, once the software gets launched, you can use its simple interface to upload your audio file after clicking on the center portion and selecting the file for further editing in terms of its rhythm.

upload audio - Veeware Guide

Step 3: Select the Audio part

To change the rhythm of the audio or necessary rate change, first, select an audio part under the Spectrogram area, which is in the form of waves, or else go with picking all the audio (ctrl+a) keys to apply changes to the whole music track.

select sample - Veeware Guide

Step 3: Change Rhythm

At the bottom of the Veeware Audio Editor, you will see the Audio Effect Area. From there, go to the last option, which is a Rate change. Click on the Rate change button and make the necessary adjustment in terms of rate, percentage, RPM, etc. and press OK once done with all the editing.

change rhythm - Veeware Guide

Doing so will initiate the process of rhythm adjustment, and soon you will get your track with the necessary adjustment to it.


Finally, we are concluding the guide with these abstracts. The music is nothing when beats and rhythm are not adjusted appropriately. As an audio editor, you will be happy to know that Veeware Audio Editor is the tool you have been looking for long.

Veeware Audio Editor

The simplest and most practical audio editor for personal media video creators. Cut, trim, merge, mix audio, remove vocals, reduce background noise, add audio effect and more.

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