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Veeware Audio Editor User Guide

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User Guide

Are you not getting proper ways to adjust audio pitch? No worry, here is the guide that will let you know how Veeware will make it easy to change audio pitch effectively.

Pitch of the sound is one of the main criteria under the audio editing process since it determines whether the sound results in high or low volume strength. High sound refers to the high pitch, whereas low sound means low pitch. Pitch is defined in terms of frequency or the sensation of frequency generally termed as the audio pitch, which means sound pitch varies as per the frequency variation.

After going through some technical meaning of the pitch, it's time to start our audio editing task as you are here to know how to adjust the audio pitch efficiently and effectively. Here we are talking about an impressive audio editor, Veeware Audio Editor, which has made the audio editing process relatively easy for all. And especially your concern of adjusting audio pitch will get covered here with this tool.

Audio pitch refers to the frequency sensation in general that you can adjust using Veeware Audio Editor. For that, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open Software

Open Veeware Editor, then from the interface center portion, select the plus symbol to load the file. You can also try its drag and drop facility to load files under the software interface directly.

add audio file - Veeware Guide

Step 2: Audio Part Selection

To adjust the pitch, you have to define the particular area to edit. That is the sample audio part out of the whole audio track to only change the pitch of that specific area.

select sample - Veeware Guide

Step 3: Pitch adjustment

Press on the Pitch button from the bottom end. From there, change the treble range, chromatic order, frequency, etc. Once done, click OK.

pitch shift - Veeware Guide

Here is one thing that is important to consider that is pitch change will not cause any change in its tempo value. So you can freely change the Audio pitch without concerning any alteration to other factors.


Now you are well aware of the audio pitch and ways to edit audio pitch with Veeware Audio Editor. So we are sure now you are ready to process your audio editing journey without any further hindrance. So, visit a different Veeware Guide to solve your concern if you need additional guidance.

Veeware Audio Editor

The simplest and most practical audio editor for personal media video creators. Cut, trim, merge, mix audio, remove vocals, reduce background noise, add audio effect and more.

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