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Best Guide To Trim MP3 on Mac Losslessly for free!

Lyan | 2022-03-24 17:48:12

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Trimming MP3 on Mac shouldn't be a breathtaking task. Perhaps you're looking to trim a particular part of audio to send it to a friend, use it as your ringtone, merge it with other smaller files, or more. Whatever the reason could be, all you need is an efficient tool that trims MP3 without compromising its quality.

We've prepared a detailed guide for our readers to help them get the heads up on how to trim MP3 files on Mac within a few clicks. It doesn't matter if you're looking to use advanced software, a freeware program, or an online tool, this article has covered every piece of information to trim MP3 files on Mac like a professional.

Part 1: Efficiently trim MP3 files on Mac Losslessly using advancement audio editing software - Veeware Audio Editor

Looking for the most simplistic way to trim audio files on Mac? Veeware Audio Editor is the app for you! A comprehensive tool with a simple interface, Veeware Audio Editor, includes basic and advanced audio editing tools to make your audio sound more professional. Veeware Audio Editor supports all audio file containers, including MP3, WAV, M4R, OGG, MIDI, AMR. As mentioned, the toolset includes both elementary tools like options to trim, cut, split, and more as well as advanced options like adding effects, noise cancellation, converting, and more! And given the simplistic user interface, there is no denying that Veeware Audio Editor is the best application to trim MP3 files on Mac.

Key Features:

  • The modern-yet-simplistic GUI of VeeWare allows even the least tech-literate users to utilize the application to their benefit
  • The control panel includes dedicated toggles to control essential parameters like Volume, Pitch, Rate, and more!
  • Effects like Fade In/Out, silence, and more.
  • Advanced algorithms to remove unwanted noises and vocals with a click of a button.
  • Execute all kinds of audio editing operations lightning-fast without any complication.

How To Use Veeware Audio Editor To Trim MP3

Step 1. Open Veeware audio editor app on your Mac or Windows PC > Click on ‘Add button from the main interface and select the MP3 audio file you want to trim from your PC. Or just drag and drop the MP3 file to the interface.

add file to veeware

Step 2. Move the cursor to the timeline of the MP3 track, then mark out the section you want to trim. And you can apply other editing concerning your requirements. Then hit the trim button a the top bar.

cut audio with veeware

Step 3. Navigate to the top right corner and click Export. By doing so, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking to enter the output file name, format, and location where you want to ‘Save’ it. After that, click OK to complete the process.

export audio with veeware

veeware export window

Part 2: Trim mp3 file on mac using QuickTime freeware program

QuickTime, a built-in multimedia program of the Mac device, is a tool that can help you trim audio files effortlessly. Supporting multiple file formats of all types of multimedia files, QuickTime not only allows you to play the files but also includes some editing tweaks, and one out of several other functions allows you to trim the audio files. However great and sufficient, QuickTime comes nowhere near what Veeware Audio Editor has to offer. The functionality of QuickTime is pretty much limited to trimming the audio only. You cannot expect any other option other than trimming and converting (the format) from the application.

That said, here’s how to trim MP3 files on Mac using QuickTime:

Step 1. Launch the QuickTime app on your PC and click File from the menu bar on the main interface of the app. Then select ‘Open file’ from the drop-down to open the MP3 file.

trim mp3 with quicktime step 1

Step 2. After adding the MP3 file, navigate to Edit at the top menu bar and select Trim from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you press Cmd+T to access the trim function.

  1. Once you select Trim, a yellow slider will show up on the timeline of the audio track. Just use the slider to assign the beginning and ending point you want to trim from the MP3 audio.
  2. Once you have marked the desired section, use Trim to preview the edited audio file.

trim mp3 with quicktime step 2

trim mp3 with quicktime step 3

Step 3. Once done, go to File>Save. Enter a name for the cut audio file and click Save to finish.

Pros of using QuickTime to trim MP3 on Mac:

  • You do not have to install any application
  • You can trim the audio easily within a couple of seconds

Cons of using QuickTime to trim MP3 on Mac:

  • Limited functionality compared to VeeWare Audio Editor

Part 3: Trim MP3 file on Mac using an online tool

Online MP3 Cutter is one of the best online platforms to cut MP3 or other audio files on Mac devices. Yes, not only the tools lets you work with MP3 but also supports multiple other formats like m4p, 3ga, raw, pcm, aiff, wma, oga, amr, caf, midi, aifc, m4b, aac, m4r, opus, vob, wtv, mpg, mov, xvid, rm, m4v, m1v, flv, divx, mp4, and more. And however, Online MP3 Cutter does not include sophisticated tools like Veeware Audio Editor, but it does carry its simplicity.
let's see how you can trim audio on Mac via Online MP3 Cutter:

Step 1. Visit the official Online MP3 Cutter website.

  1. Firstly, upload your MP3 audio file by clicking on Choose File under Computer option.
  2. Users can also upload audio files using URL.

trim mp3 with online tool step 1

Step 2. After uploading the MP3 file, Utilize the slider to Mark out the part of the audio you want to trim.

trim mp3 with online tool step 2

Step 3. Once you are done, utilize the Cut the Audio option to apply the effects to the trimmed audio file. In case you choose to convert the audio file, wait for the program to change the codecs. Finally, save the trimmed and edited audio file to the computer.

trim mp3 with online tool step 3

As mentioned, Online MP3 Cutter is a handy tool to perform all major operations to a given audio file. And it is as simple as mentioned here. All you have to do is visit the official website, upload the file, mark the selection, edit the song as preferred, and download the song to the computer in the desired format. It cannot get simpler than this. However, as mentioned earlier, there are numerous benefits as well as disadvantages to using an online tool.

Benefits of using Online MP3 Cutter:

  • So, the first benefit of using Online MP3 Cutter is that you do not have to install any application to trim an audio file on a Mac device. You can do that using the online platform and download the edited song after editing.
  • There are some advanced options like adding effects to make your audio sound professional.
  • You can convert the audio from one format to another format effortlessly using the platform.
  • The platform is hundred percent free for use. You do not have to pay anything to trim and edit the audio files, be it one of hundreds of them.

Cons of using Online MP3 Cutter:

  • It relies on the internet connection to work. Thus, if there's any complication with your internet connection, you will have to restart the process.
  • It might take longer to successfully upload large MP3 files.
  • The download can take time relying on the quality and size of the audio file.


Those are the three best ways to trim audio files on Mac. Be it MP3 or any other audio file formats, these tools support all well-known audio file formats and let you cut the MP3 files on Mac just within a few click. Of course, the last two ways, i.e., via QuickTime or MP3Cut.Net, offers limited options for editing audio files. That is, you can only trim and merge the audio files. However, we recommend using Veeware audio editor to trim MP3 on Mac, as it'll give you access to a plethora of audio editing features that'll get the job done perfectly with high quality. Besides, it's one of the industry’s finest audio editors that lets you perform all operations on any audio file.

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