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2022 Best Alternatives to Easy MP3 Cutter Windows Review

Lyan | 2022-04-07 16:35:07

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Easy MP3 cutter for Windows is an easy and lightweight program, but it lacks features (like no advanced filters and effects available) to make your audio sound more professional. New MP3 cutter solutions are coming up daily. The vendors are bringing in cool features with their new audio cutter tools, so it does not make sense why users continue to use the old and outdated Easy MP3 Cutter Windows solution. Nevertheless, if you are here, you have realized that Easy MP3 Cutter Windows software nowhere qualifies as an effective solution for cutting audio files.

Scroll down to find the best alternatives to the Easy MP3 Cutter Windows program.

Part 1: Top 3 Alternative To Easy MP3 Cutter Window

1. Veeware Audio Editor

Veeware Audio Editor is one of the most sophisticated-yet-simple audio editors on the internet. Supporting all audio file containers, including MP3, Veeware Audio Editor eliminates the mandatory conversion process in many MP3 cutters accessible online. Using the waveform display, you can cut MP3 audio files with surgical precision and get everything you desire. However, Veeware Audio Editor is not solely an easy audio cutter; it includes sophisticated functions for tempo change, pitch shift, denoise, cleaning the audio files, and many more.

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Additionally, you can download the Veeware MP3 cutter tool on both Mac and Windows devices.

Key Features:

  • Waveform display and dedicated MP3 cutter tool permit you to work with surgical precision and cut the MP3 file in the way you want
  • You can apply fade-in or out effects to make the MP3 file sound more professional.
  • Veeware Audio Editor supports tons of audio file formats, allowing you to convert to any format easily.
  • Get your hands on all aspects of the MP3 audio file like the speed, pitch, unwanted noises, and more.

How to easily cut MP3 on Windows using Veeware Audio Editor?

While it is true that Veeware Audio Editor is one of the most comprehensive audio editing solutions out there, unlike other platforms, it does not make it difficult for users to edit the MP3 audio file. There are dedicated options for each function that carry advanced settings to make the MP3 file sound professional; notably, it sounds the way you want.

Step 1. Go to the Veeware Audio Editor official page and download the tool.

  1. Once you download the easy MP3 cutter tool, launch it on your computer.
  2. On the main interface of this easy audio cutter tool, click on Add files to upload the desired MP3 file from your computer. Or, just drag and drop the MP3 audio file.

veeware audio editor step 1

Step 2. Once you add the audio file, choose the Cut option from the options available in the upper pane of the interface.

  1. Use the sliders to mark the starting and ending points on the audio file.
  2. Or, type in the starting points (in seconds) in the pop-up settings.
  3. Click OK, once you cut the MP3 audio file. (Note: you can preview the audio file before confirming the download.

veeware audio editor step 2

Step 3. Click on the Export option and define the output audio file’s settings from the pop-up windows. Once you set the desired preference, click OK to save the changes.

veeware audio editor step 3

Retain that, Veeware’s easy MP3 cutter tool also allows you to use other options to chop MP3 audio files like applying audio effects, denoising, tempo or pitch shift, and so on. So, if you want to modify the edited MP3 audio file, perform the changes after trimming to save time and avoid repetitive tasks. You do not have to waste your time looking for any other easy MP3 cutter online or offline tools, given that Veeware Audio Editor is your solution to any of your audio editing needs.

2. AIV MP3 Cutter

AIV MP3 Cutter is a lightweight and easy MP3 audio cutter for Windows users. The tool is available for free and serves to extract a small part of the audio file. Although AIV MP3 Cutter is limited to cutting MP3 audio files to make ringtones, it includes some sophisticated features like displaying the selected part’s start point, endpoint, and length.

AIV MP3 Cutter

Moreover, you can hear the selected part in real-time, making it easy for users to cut the desired section from the MP3 audio file. Also, given that the tool was made when Windows XP was the norm and computers came with CD drives, it has an outdated user interface. Plus, it allows users to simultaneously store two parts of the audio file into two separated CDs.

Key Features:

  • Extract small sections from MP3 audio files conveniently.
  • You can store the edited MP3 file directly on CDs.
  • Highlight the section of the audio to be extracted and preview it before proceeding to separate the audio file.
  • The scale allows you to work with precision and remove the specific parts only.


  • AIV MP3 Cutter is entirely free for users.
  • There is no learning curve; anyone can separate the songs with this easy MP3 cutter tool.
  • It allows you to rename the MP3 tags like artist name, title, track number from within the file and organize them in a separate folder on your computer.


  • AIV MP3 Cutter has an outdated layout, which could be inconvenient to non-tech-savvy users.
  • There is no option to type the starting and end points; you will have to mark them manually.
  • Sometimes the extracted MP3 file doesn’t have sound.
  • There are no advanced features like effects to make the audio sound more professional.

3. is an easy MP3 cutter online tool that allows users to select the fragments and easily separate the audio files. The best thing about is that it allows you to upload the MP3 file in multiple ways. You can choose to load the file from the local storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, and even via URL.

What’s more, automatically selects the endpoints (40 seconds from the start point) after you define the starting point. So, it is ideal for users looking to create ringtones from MP3 audio files. However, once again, does not give you any advanced options like applying effects and cleaning the audio like Veeware Audio Editor. And this easy MP3 cutter online tool is pretty much limited to trimming the audio file.

Key Features:

  • Upload MP3 audio files from multiple channels, including local storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, and via URL.
  • Adjust the intervals using the dragging sliders. It can select the endpoints automatically (40 seconds from the starting point), giving you a perfect-sized ringtone.
  • You can choose to change the tempo and pitch of the separated MP3 music file.
  • You can extract audio from a video file using the tool. Just upload the video file; it will convert it to audio automatically.


  • has an intuitive and modern layout, making it simple for users to upload the files and edit them.
  • You can upload the audio files in any format (which supports more than 300 audio file formats) and extract them in WAV or MP3 format.
  • There are some cool features like reversing the audio clip and equalizer to play with your audio file.


  • Although an easy MP3 Cutter online tool, it lacks the advanced features of Veeware Audio Editor
  • Uploading large files can take time, and you will end up wasting time on downloads and uploads, especially when you want to edit multiple files.

Part 2: FAQs (Easy MP3 Cutter)

Which easy MP3 Cutter is the best for Windows?

As mentioned earlier, Veeware Audio Editor is the ultimate solution for trimming Mp3 audio files quickly and with precision. Plus, it also carries several other music editing functions to deal with all your audio editing needs. Importantly, although it is comprehensive, Veeware Audio Editor is extremely simple to utilize.

How do you use an easy MP3 Cutter?

Although the exact terminology of options changes from tool to tool, most easy MP3 Cutter tools require three steps, i.e.,

  1. Upload the MP3 audio file to the interface.
  2. Mark the start and endpoints on the MP3 file.
  3. Download the MP3 audio file to the computer.

We have already mentioned the steps to use Veeware Audio Editor, which is the best compared to other easy audio cutter tools on the internet.

Do easy audio cutter tools allow to merge audio files?

Not all the easy MP3 cutter online or offline tools allow you to merge the two sections of the audio files. That is why we recommend Veeware Audio Editor, as it includes options to merge two sections of the same audio file (or two separate audio files).


There you go! These are the easy MP3 cutter tools available on the internet. Of course, the one audio cutter that stands out from the crowd is Veeware Audio Editor. As you have already read, the tool is straightforward to utilize. Plus, it includes several other options like applying fade in/out effects to make the audio sound more professional. So, download the Veeware audio editor today and start your music editing journey using it seamlessly. Whether beginners or experts, there is no better tool than Veeware Audio Editor on the internet when it comes to performing basic or advanced music editing tasks.

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