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Fastest And Most Effective Way to Speed Up Audio Without Changing Pitch

Lyan | 2022-03-28 20:16:20

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You can edit your audio in many apps, but you will not find the typical applications as effective when you speed up audio without changing pitch. Only a few audio editors are designed to handle professional workloads.

This guide will help you discover two audio editing environments that allow you to change audio speed without changing pitch. The first tool mentioned here sits on your computer, while the second tool allows you to do the job online. Read on to learn about the fastest and most effective tools to speed up the song without changing pitch.

Part 1: Fastest And Most Effective Way To Speed Up Audio Without Changing Pitch

Veeware Audio Editor is an entry-level music editing app that can also serve you well when you become a professional. Its simple user interface is designed for novices looking to perform advanced tasks, like speeding up audio or music without altering pitch, in a simple manner. There is a dedicated option for both: changing tempo and pitch shifting. What’s great is, working on one variable doesn’t affect the other at all.

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In addition to the plethora of features, Veeware allows you to import and export in any audio format and quality. Furthermore, you can use Veeware Audio Editor on both Mac and Windows devices.

Key Features:

  • Advanced speed changing options like beats per minute, percentage change, and length (in seconds)
  • It supports all audio file formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, WMA, AC3, and more
  • You can choose to change the speed of a specific section of the audio. Or modify the speed of the entire audio track, without affecting the quality and changing the pitch.
  • You can also customize audio pitch, treble, scale, frequency, and other parameters.
  • Much practical audio editing features: cut, merge, trim, mix, insert audio, add effects such as fade in/out, remove background noise, and more.

How to Speed Up Audio Without Changing Pitch Using Veeware Audio Editor?

Step 1. Get a copy of Veeware Audio Editor on your computer.

Install it. And from the main interface, choose Add files to upload an audio file from the local storage. Veeware also allows you to drag and drop the audio to the Veeware interface.

add file to veeware

Step 2. Highlight the desired part or entire audio file.

  • Choose Change Tempo.
  • Choose the percentage, beats per minute, and length in the Change Tempo pop-up window.
  • Click OK once done. 

tempo change audio speed

Step 3. Click Export.

In the Export window, choose the output variables. Select OK

choose the output variables

That’s how simple it is to speed up audio without changing pitch with Veeware Audio Editor.

Part 2: Best Online Tool To Speed up Audio without changing pitch Online

You might be looking for an online tool to change speed without changing the pitch. And that is where comes in. You can use, one of the best online services for music editing, to change song speed and pitch independently.

In addition, unlike most online services, does not require you to change the file formats.  Since it supports all audio file containers, you can upload files of any format. Moreover, the user interface is self-explanatory and allows anyone to easily change the speed up without changing the pitch. At most, you have to upload the audio file (in any format), choose the speed, and download the edited audio. It is that simple.

Here’s how to change audio speed without changing pitch using

Step 1. Visit and from the main interface, choose Upload File option.

add audio file bfotool

Step 2. Wait for the to process the audio file (time depends on the size of the audio file). 

Once processed, choose the desired audio speed — either by dragging the slider or clicking on a box (with scales).

choose desired audio speed

Step 3. Click on Change Speed after selecting a optimal speed to allow to speed up the sound.

  1. Once done, you will see the Output Data panel.
  2. Click on Download to save the file to the computer.

Click on Change Speed

Why use to change speed without changing pitch?

  1. is an online service, so you do not have to download any software to speed up the audio
  2. The user interface is self-explanatory; even the neophytes could figure out how it works
  3. It supports many audio file formats

Things to consider:

  1. Unlike Veeware Audio Editor, reduces the audio quality while changing the speed
  2. has some effect on the audio pitch

Part 3: FAQs

What is the best tool to speed up audio without changing pitch?

Veeware Audio Editor is the most prominent one! There’s no doubt about it. Not only does it ensure that the song’s quality remains unchanged, but it also has zero effects on the audio pitch while speeding up or down the music files.

Moreover, Veeware is not limited to changing audio speed only. It includes several other functions to edit your audio file like a professional.

Can I speed up audio without changing pitch using a freeware program?

Freeware, hardly! However, Veeware Audio Editor is a freemium app and can do that. The only thing is the free version leaves an audio watermark on the audio. You can upgrade Veeware tool to erase the audio watermark.

What is the best way to make the audio speed faster?

Well, there are many tools that can speed up sound without changing pitch. But Veeware takes the prize when it comes to best method to make the audio speed faster.


There you go! You now know the two best tools to speed up audio without changing pitch. In comparison between the two, Veeware Audio Editor takes the prize. But, yes, even the tool mentioned to speed up audio without changing pitch online affects the pitch. Plus, the quality is reduced.

Veeware Audio Editor, on the other hand, allows you to change audio speed without changing pitch at all. But what’s substantial is changing speed with Veeware has no effects on the output quality; the input and output quality remains the same! So, if you are looking for the bestest from the best, Veeware Audio Editor is the tool for you!

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