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How To Slow Down Audio Without Distortion - 2022 Most Reliable Methods

Lyan | 2022-03-28 20:17:06

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Whether you're an amateur or professional, these best audio time stretching and pitch scaling will allow you to slow down audio files without any distortion. This guide will find the six best tools to slow down audio without distortion. Unlike any other guide on the internet, you will not just discover the best tools to slow down audio. But also the step-by-step instructions showing how to slow down audio without distortion using the tools.

Moreover, you will discover both free and paid tools in the guide. Understand that not all of the audio editing tools may have the time to go through the entire article, we have listed the best audio speed changer first in the list, i.e., Veeware Audio Editor.

Part 1: Best Way To Slow Down Audio In 2022 - Veeware Audio Editor

Veeware Audio Editor, hands down, is the best tool to slow down audio without distortions. It has a reliable option to slow the audio (Tempo Change). The Tempo Change option allows you to manage the critical aspects of the audio file, like a slider to control the speed, options to control the beats per minute, and the audio file’s length.

What’s great is that the audio quality of the output remains the same when editing audio with Veeware Audio Editor, something that not many speed changes can do. You can also upload the audio files in many formats, including MP3, AAC, MP4, WAV, FLAC, OGG, M4A, AVI, etc. Besides these simple options, Veeware Audio Editor allows you to perform other music editing options.

Key Features:

  • Veeware Audio Editor allows you to slow down the audio file without affecting the audio quality or distortions.
  • You will find advanced options like beats per minute length (in seconds) to manage every bit of the audio file and conveniently slow down the audio.
  • Veeware Audio Editor allows you to import/export audio files in multiple file formats, including MP3, AAC, MP4, WAV, FLAC, OGG, M4A, AVI, etc.
  • Cut, trim or merge audio files, reduce noise, pitch, and do more with Veeware Audio Editor.

Here’s how to use Veeware Audio Editor to slow down audio file

Although Veeware Audio Editor comes laden with numerous advanced music editing options, it makes it very straightforward for an average joe to slow down the music conveniently.

Step 1. Visit the official Veeware Audio Editor page and download the tool (available for both Mac and Windows users).

  1. Open Veeware Audio Editor.
  2. On the main interface of the Veeware Audio Editor, click on the Add file. This will allow you to add the desired audio file from the local storage on the computer. 
  3. You can drag and drop the desired audio file to Veeware’s interface.

add file to veeware

Step 2. After uploading the audio file, mark the start and endpoints in the audio file. Simply press CTRL+A if you want to select the entire audio file.

  1. After selecting the desired part of the audio file, choose Change Tempo.
  2. In the pop-up window, specify the settings like Beats per minute, length (in seconds), and percentage change to slow down the audio file in the way you want.
  3. Click OK to save the slowed down changes.

tempo change audio speed

Step 3. From the right pane of Veeware’s interface, choose the Export option.

  1. Enter the export parameters that you want.
  2. Click OK to apply the changes and save the file to the computer.

export edited audio file

That’s how simple Veeware Audio Editor makes it to edit the audio files and slow down the audio file. Of course, don’t forget that you can make other changes to the audio file immediately after slowing the audio file.

Part 2: Other Reliable Ways To Slow Down Audio In 2022

This may sound like we are favoring Veeware Audio Editor. But, as you will find soon enough, there is no better option than Veeware Audio Editor to slow down audio files. Still, if you still want to scroll down and look for alternatives of Veeware Audio Editor, do so!

Method 1:  Slow Down Audio In Garageband

Garageband, available for iOS and Mac, is an Apple native tool available for free. Although it’s free, it comes laden with sophisticated tools to carry out simple tasks like cutting, trimming, and splitting audio files.

Moreover, you will find popular genres like EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, and more for use in your audio and make them sound professional. You can also use VTS plug-ins and make the audio tool more powerful to perform all your music editing tasks using Garageband itself. Furthermore, there are free piano and guitar lessons for beginners to learn and level up their music editing game.

How to use Garageband to slow down Audio without distortions

The tempo, by default, in Garageband is set to 120Hz. And you can change the beats per minute to match your requirements using the Tempo options.

Step 1. Open Garageband on your Mac device.

  1. From the upper pane of Garageband, choose Tempo.
  2. You can simply move the arrow down to get the desired slowed down audio speed.
  3. In case you want to type the speed yourself — simply, double click in the box and type the desired frequency.

garageband tempo change options 1

Step 2. In case you cannot slow down the audio without dissertation using this method, you can use tempo to change throughout your song. Or add tempo points and slow down the audio file using the tracks.

 Here’s how to slow down audio in garageband (at specific tempo points):

  1. The Tempo track options when you try to slow down the audio file using the aforementioned method.
  2. Leave the set tempo point (or adjust it if need be). Double click to the part where you want to change the tempo of the audio file and click the next part. You can add as many Tempo points you want.

garageband tempo change options 2

Step 3. Set the tempo point.

  1. Drag the tempo points (to slow down the audio at those points) and set the desired speed.
  2. Save the file after applying the effects.

garageband tempo change options 3

There you go! If you cannot slow down the audio using the frequency levels, use the Tempo points and take more control of the audio file. Using Garageband, you can change the audio speed at one specific part, multiple parts, or the entire audio file.

Method 2: Slow Down Audio In Logic Pro X

Think of Logic Pro X as a premium version of Garageband (although it isn’t). The Logic Pro X, like Garageband, is an Apple native desktop tool designed for professionals to carry out professional music editing tasks. In fact, it is the industry-standard fully-fledged digital audio workstation.

You can use Logic Pro X to perform all basic and advanced music editing tasks. Of course, you can also slow down the track in Logic Pro X. Nevertheless, being an advanced tool, it requires you to go through a lot of online guides before you can learn how to use it. Still, if you are considering sticking with audio editing for a long time, Logic Pro X slow down audio is not a single function; you can use Logic Pro X to do more in the music editing realm. And learning it will benefit you in the long term.

Here’s the stepwise guide to slow down audio using Logic Pro X:

Step 1. Open Logic Pro X.

  1. Add the audio file in the software.
  2. From the upper pane, the Varispeed button.

logic pro x control bar step 1

Step 2. There are three options to slow down the track in Logic Pro X.

  1. Speed Only: The options allow you to master the output signal by balancing the pitch and changing according to your needs. Choosing the Speed only option will modify the speed of the audio file alone. There will be no change to the audio pitch.
  2. Speed and pitch: It changes both the parameters according to specified characteristics.
  3. Varispeed and MIDI: a far more advanced option allows you to quantize the semitones and make the pitch sound according to need. The Varispeed and MIDI together option is the best way to slow down the audio while retaining the original audio quality even after slowing the audio file.

logic pro x control bar step 2

  1. Choose one of the options.
  2. And click on the unit of measurement (%, bpm, st, Hz).
  3. Modify the variables according to your needs.

Step 3. Save the slowed down audio file.  And export the project to the computer if need be.

There you go! That’s quite sophisticated. However, if you aim to work with audio stations for a long time, you should try Logic Pro X to slow down the audio.

Method 3: Slow Down Audio Using VLC on Windows PC

The VLC (VideoLan) media player is a free tool available for both Mac and Windows users. However, we will discuss how to slow down using VLC on Windows PC.

using vlc

The VLC media player is an open-source and free tool. And you can download it from the official VLC website if you don’t already have it on your computer. The VLC media player is popularly known as the multimedia player in a range of features. However, in reality, it carries a lot more features within it. From allowing you to stream content from YouTube to performing basic video editing tasks, VLC media player allows you to perform the music files conveniently. Out of the many options VLC provides, one is speeding up or slowing down the audio file.

Step 1. Locate the desired audio file.

  1. Right-click on it.
  2. From the list of options choose Open With to locate the audio file using File Explorer.
  3. Choose Open With VLC media player.
  4. Or you can first open the VLC media player and click on Media in the upper-menu options.
  5. Choose the Open File option.

using vlc step 1

Step 2. After adding the audio file, go to Playback.

  1. Choose Speed.
  2. Choose a speed from the context menu options: Faster or Faster (Fine).

using vlc step 2

Step 3. After setting the speed, click Play to play at a higher rate.

It seems simple, isn’t it? Well, the only problem is, the VLC media player has no options to save the slowed-down audio file to the computer. You can record it using the record function in the VLC media player. But of course, the audio file will have a video format; thus taking up more space. Moreover, note that it is a simple media player and doesn’t have any time stretching properties. So, don’t expect a VLC media player to do the job perfectly.

Method 4: Slow Down Audio Using QuickTime on Mac

QuickTime is a native tool on mac devices that prominently services like a multimedia player. However, within the QuickTime multimedia player, some advanced options allow you to slow down the audio. However, just like the VLC media player. You cannot save the audio files after slowing them down. You can just add them and hear the music files at a slowed-down speed. Nevertheless, if you want to save the edited audio files, you can keep the edited audio file as video in your computer.

QuickTime has a severe problem; the audio becomes inaudible after a specific point percentage decrease when you slow down the audio file.

Here’s how you can slow down the audio file using QuickTime on Mac device:

  1. Go to Finder on mac. Click the Application option.
  2. Choose QuickTime option.
  3. After opening QuickTime, select File.
  4. Click on Open File.
  5. Navigate to the desired audio file on the mac and select it to play via QuickTime.
  6. Locate the playback options on QuickTime.
  7. All you have to do is tap on the mousepad to locate it.
  8. Use the backward option to slow down the audio.

tempo change audio speed quicktimech

As mentioned, QuickTime doesn’t allow you to slow the audio speed and save them directly to the mac device. You can choose to record the edited audio file in QuickTime and save it on the Mac device; however, it will be in the video format.

Method 5: Slow Down Audio Using Online Tool

Audio Speed Changer is one of the best online tools to slow down audio files online.  Although some may disregard its outdated user interface, Audio Speed Changer is a powerful tool that can allow you to change the speed of the audio file conveniently.

It presents two options:  the speed and changing the pitch.  You can change the speed using percentage point, whereas changing the pitch in semitones.  It also allows you to import the audio file directly from Cloud Storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.  Moreover, if you want to add a YouTube video (automated conversion to audio), you can simply paste the URL, and Audio Speed Changer will process it for editing.

Moreover, it allows you to import and export the audio files in any format, including  MP3, AAC, MP4, WAV, FLAC, OGG, M4A, AVI, etc.  However, unlike Veeware Audio Editor, the output format is limited to MP3 or ACC.

Show stepwise guide to use AudioSpeedChanger to slow down audio online:

Step 1. Visit

  1. From the main user-interface of Audio Speed Changer. And click on Select song.
  2. Click on Local file to upload the desired audio file from your computer.
  3. Or choose Dropbox, OneDrive, or URL to upload the audio file by other means.

AudioSpeedChanger step 1

Step 2. Click on the playback speed change.

Choose Playback speed in percent. You can either type in the percentage points and use an automated level (like 0.25x, 0.5x, and more).

AudioSpeedChanger step 2

Step 3. Select the export format and processing method.

  1. Opt for Convert Now once you slowed down the audio file.
  2. Download the audio file to the computer.

AudioSpeedChanger step 3

There you go! That’s how to slow down the audio file using the Audio Speed Changer. Of course, the quality of the output file is not similar to the Veeware Audio Editor’s output quality. Nevertheless, you can give it a try if need be.


Those are the best ways to slow down audio without distortions. You can use any tool and slow down the audio as needed. Suppose you are still doubtful about the best method to slow down audio, the Veeware Audio Editor. One of the most significant advantages of using Veeware is its simple user interface and advanced functions. Even beginners could efficiently perform advanced music editing tasks like slowing down audio files.

Other methods have their ups and downs; however, when it comes to output quality, simple operation, and ease of operation, there is no better tool than Veeware Audio Editor.

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